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WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. I would love to write everything that happened, but I'll do that next time because I'm still shocked! :shocked: - Why was he in Japan? Taking a vaction here???? Why why why!!!







SO. I was walking towards this famous building called, "Tokyo Midtown" in Roppongi (Tokyo, Japan). I was waiting for the light to turn green, when I realized that a guy waiting at the other side of the road looked very familiar to Mikey. But I just didnt think he would be in Japan during his break, you know?? So I tried to ignore this guy but I couldnt stop looking at him! When the light turned green and I walked passed him... to be honest, I thought he was a random person. haha. I told my friend though, how much that guy looked alike to Mika's band member and kept bugging her about it. -The next moment, she SCREEAAMED out his name so many times so that the whole world could hear. I was so embarrassed but at the same time very curious if he would turn around or not.

However, he kept walking with his two friends(?) so I thought - Oh okay. So it was a random person. Yea, none of them would come to Japan, they'd be chilling at home... until he did turned around! He was looking left and right, trying to find who the hell called him. I got so excited and nervous, I was about to run away! But thanks to my friend, she (literally) dragged me up to him.


I talked with him for a bit, he actually reached out his hand to me to shake hands! He's so nice :) I also told him that I dressed up as Chew Chew to the concert (it was so embarrassing to say that in front of his friends), and he pointed his finger at me and laughed like - ohh yea i remember you.




Well I don't know if he really remembers me (haha), maybe he meant -uhh you're so weird! But I'd be happy if he did recognize me! (For those of you who dont know, I went to Mika's concert in Japan - July 30th and I had a very lucky experience. You can actually read the (long, very long - beware!) thread that i wrote called, "The Asian Chew Chews!")

I would have asked him what he was doing here etc. but I was too thrilled to ask or to even think of questions... therefore I have no new/interesting news to tell you guys... sorry!! :S (I couldn't even tell him that he's an amazing bassist or wish him luck or ANYTHING. :( )


I embarrassed myself infront of Mikey many times (I never fail myself to do that) by not being able to talk properly and being so nervous, but he was very kind -his friends too! Hehe. So amazing! I felt bad to disturb him though -- Thank you very much Mikey! I was so surprised to see him here, I never thought that I would meet him again like this. It was just a normal night, a night when you don't exepct anything to happen and... BAM! I still can't believe that I met him! I feel very lucky. SOO lucky.





P.S. I don't know if the other band members were here, or MIKA... but I think he came alone without them.

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