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I know that there is a thread for our favourite actresses so i thought that it was time that a thread was created for our fave actors too!

My favourite actors are Colin Firth and Johnny Depp. How about you?

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Ok, based purely on acting ability: Johnny Depp, Hugh Laurie, Rowan Atkinson


Based on acting ability and looks: Orlando Bloom ( :mf_lustslow: ), Will Smith, Hugh Grant (but he always plays the same type of character)


I'm very indecisive:naughty:

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Uh, so here we go:

/in no particular order/


Tommy Lee Jones

Bruce Willis (what can I say? I'm mad about Die Hard)

Orlando Bloom

Jack Nicholson

Ewan McGregor (Moulin Rouge)

Johnny Depp (no words needed here)

Harrison Ford (no one could play Indiana Jones better)

Brad Pitt

Anthony Hopkins


and many others. But if those play in a movie then it must be good and worth seeing.

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my #1 is johnny depp of course, but i think my second is anthony hopkins, hes amazing in everything he does!

i also love jack nicholson and will ferrel and nicholas cage.









maybe i was wrong, i think anthony hopkins s my #1, johnny is fighting him for the position though! lol:naughty:

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Oh I also like Robert DeNiro and Dustin Hoffman, they are like brilliant:thumb_yello: And Brad Pitt ofcourse:naughty: And Johnny like duh


i never cared much for brad pitt, or tom cruise.....(i know you didnt mention him but they go together for some reason).....they were good in interview with the vampire, but i dont think i liked anything else by either of them

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