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Imogen Heap thinks Mika is a cool handsome young man


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I really love that instrument! It's really pretty sounding, i love it!

That instrument is very cool:naughty:

She is amazing!

Love her chattiness, too...



MIKA a VLOG please!!



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Yes, this is really a nice blog, must be a big treat for her fans!:thumb_yello:


Its things like this I’m talking about when I say that an artist these days can use the internet to a lot of interesting things for their fans,( the already sold or what the English expression might be) and also make other people interested.

To keep their popularity and telling a little about themselves in quiet periods.

The good thing with talking directly to people in the internet instead of just leave it to the tabloids can have nothing but advantages for the artist.:wink2:


Well little that I know, I’m not an artist but I think it’s really nice!:blush-anim-cl:

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