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New DVD in US Next Week!


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Available in the US...and CANADA!


Poor frozen wasteland to the North. As America's top hat, we get no glory. :tears:


Awww... :huglove:


I thought maybe Canada, too, but didn't want to ass/u/me...

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I just came onto the MFC to see if anybody else was as excited as me and voila! Front page status! :punk:


Who else ordered Amazon? I doubt any stores near me will have it, so mine's expected in the mail around the 20th. :thumb_yello:


Woot woot! Let's all party together!


Yep, ordered via amazon, Kate... can't wait :woot_jump:

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I can identify with how frustrating it is to wait (although obviously, not as long as you guys had to!), but it's definitely worth the wait.

Well it was for me:blush-anim-cl:

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Is it really gonna be released in Canada on dec 16 as well ? Couln't find it on the Archambault website...:thumbdown:




oh i found it... but not the deluxe version


they just don't have the picture up yet... see?



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