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I had the most wonderful time here, but i need to leave this place for a time :tears: I have to.. The most important thing for me now is uni and my family.. Of course i won't forget about you all.. never! Maybe i'll come in to say hi sometimes but that's all.. And you still can find me on myspace if you want.

And those who took part in Celeste's project.. - Sarah, can you please ask Celeste for her e-mail address and please send her that e-card ( you must have it, i sent it to you) And the others too.. if you want to see it ask Hotdlp (danika) or Sarah Lollipop..


Bye! :huglove:


Please, tell me thats nor true, Im just sleeping or something like that?

You............ You know I will miss you a lot!!! You were one of my best true frined here, and I really appreciate that. You mean a lot to me, so please, dont left me alone! I wish you all the best and really hope you are not having another kind of problems...........

Hope to email you soon, cause I really want to talk with you.

Es tevi miilu! :huglove:

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