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Mika & Randy


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I had not seen this before and I thought I knew what was going on in here?:teehee:


I have seen the talking about Mika and a RAT though but it didn't make sense to me, that'll teach me to follow up every loose end in this place!:naughty:


So incredibly cute :wub2: this is the kind of playfulness I love so much with Mika!

He has so much talent for this kind of things...just think about all the sweet and funny vlogs he has done!:wub2:

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I keep watching this clip - :roftl: I don't know how Mika keeps such a straight face :roftl:


I don't think he is joking when he says there are a lot of rats in the music industry - he says it with such feeling :roftl:


No he sounded dead serious and I'm sure he has run in to a rat or two in the business!:naughty:

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This is classic , I think its part of another thread ..but still let the rat have some glory




I think you're right ... it deserves its own thread! That video is brilliant!!! :thumb_yello:

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It's a really sweet vid! :wub2::wub2:


I showed the vid to my friend who doesnt like Mika but even she enjoyed watching Mika 'plastic bag, plastic sex stick' :naughty: and Randy the rat..

:lmao: Where'd the sex stick come from? I clearly heard sasket or satchet or some gibberish word like that :blink:


...but then again I have a relatively clean mind :)

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