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Arranged #mikakickSass Twitter event


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Hello all!!




At this moment, we are all trying to get mikakicksass or mikakickass into the trending topics on Twitter. Now as everyone is doing it differently we thought we could arrange a proper 'invasion' when we tweet we need to make sure it doesn't look like spam either ;)


So, the idea is, on the day of release - 29th March - we could all tweet #mikakicksass WITH the S.


Please leave your name below so we can get an idea of who is taking and who to say thanks to. Leave your Twitter name too if you're taking part in:


'The MFC Twitter invasion 2010'




cisserz (Twitter: cisserz)

EmzieLovesMika (Twitter: EmzieeLouuBoo)






cisserz (cisserz)

EmzieLovesMika (EmzieeLouuBoo)

pufpuf (sosweetbreeze)

nollie (laurenosauraus)

TigerClaws95 (TigerClaws95)

lovempls (midwestclare)

Lollipop Love (IamLucy_)

England (natalieloves)

Taylor! (taydevlin )

luvin mika 4eva (hrbrox)

Karimah (carolinezcraftz)

OrdinaryGirl (MannyCulpena)

mellody (mellody76)

BangBangLou (bangbanglou)

Cherol (Cherol)

kasia87 (kasia87)

margaret1989 (margaret1989)

mf22392 (mford22392)

JustJen (_Just_Jen_)


melissa_holland (Melissa_holland)

mari62 (mari1962)

Citiesonfire (Citiesonfire)

IngeGOLDEN (Inge_M)

kaeryana (leannascarlet)

PunkiePenguin (PunkiePenguin)


suisuimeko (suisuimeko)

mine (MineMichele)

eloise.shaw (MikasPinkSocks)

sweet.pixie (Sweet_Pixie)

DEMI94 (demiHEID)

patricia4u (patricia4u)

nicoleta (nicoletagenovev)

STEP___ (STEP___)

Marilyn Mastin (Mmastin)

SunshineGirl (sparkyrachel)

misscece (celine965)

Nightbird (KathiGolightly)

Ruth (RuthFor)

Lil'Violet (LilViolet)

elise_xx (peterpanpirate)

Jojotje (Jojotje61)

Pideh (Littlepideh)

Foxxy (Foxxy77)

plasticsastic (plasticsastic)

Maaikie... (AnneMaaikie)

MissPie (MissPie_MFC )

Mary (_MaryM_)

mnL82394 (MIKA_fan)

lollipopgirl83 (lollytay)

Runlikethedevil (Runlikethedevil)

Hevthehampster (xHeatherLouisex)

Statue_of_Liberty (Liberty_Statue)

El_Scotty (LaurenScotty)

Abbyyy (abby_jd)

Graciosa (_graciosa)

ce_mika (ce_ci)

canuckchick (tawna_j)

Enniebenenie (Enniebenenie)

holysusie (holy_susie)

ada692 (ada692)

Dutchy (Dutchy_07)

freestyle (FullOfColors)

shoni (shoni1111)

Gracekelly85 (Gracekelly85)

juliana (ju_liana188)

LadyLivs (ladylivs)

pili_ruiz (revenge_pili)

daisylou (daisylou-lollipopdaisy)

Dreamy_Queen (DreamyQ)


Laurel (Laurel_1)

agathaxxx (agathaxxxmfc)

pattycakes (pattycakes)

heartscollifde (ohheyitsrhiann)

emmy333 (Unspoken_truth)

Mlx (Mlx_09)

Mika4Life13 (lafemme925)

Dark Angel (DarkAngel_1983)

bkxx (bevwheeler)

huikings (huikings)

leilabell (leilachick)

omgitsmakee (MakiSays)

Evie :D (E_Symphony)

lillibet (lillibet2)

crazyaboutmika (crazyaboutmika)


hathor (hathor2222)

jacobandbensmummy (m_flower_)

Sarina (Sarina_chan)

FralovesMika (brandolina91)

Droopsy (Droopsytje)

pinkcell29 (pinkcell29)

mikabunny (mikabunnymely)

Jujuzita (juanapt)





So to repeat, it is #mikakicksass WITH the S! We will do it at 7PM UK time! (If this time is inconvienient, any time as close as it as possible will be fine :wink2:) And you don't need like 10 #mikakicksass in one tweet, one will be enough and make sure we don't do LOADDSS of them at once, make sure we put something different in each tweet so twitter doesn't think it's spam :wink2: It doesn't really matter if you do or don't have the # there or not :naughty:


29th March

7PM UK time

WITH the S - #mikakicksass

No spam look-alikes





After all, Mika does Kick Ass! :naughty:

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Just Echoing!

I did post this all in the other one but we decided to make another post so it was proper!

So please

Sign up on here and let us know you are going it!


Thanks for all your support everyone tonight!

Been Amazing!

Please do just the same on the 29th!


Lets Get Mika Seeing how much we love him and how much this single deserves to be a success!


Thank you!





P.S Please feel free to follow us on twitter :)

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LeeAnnGlenn's at your service:teehee:


But I'm not able to support you the whole night; politics exam tomorrow, it's 11:40 pm atm and I didn't begin to study. Blame it on Mika and Kick Ass!:mf_rosetinted:


Let's rule the (Twitter) world!

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will take part. mellody76 on twitter. i'd suggest that we arrange a time as well where we try to get a peak of tweets, to get it trending.


and agree, don't put it multiple times in your tweet, just once per tweet is enough, or they'll think it's spam again like the last time we tried. i think it's rather the number of tweets that counts than the number of hashtags. :wink2:

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