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Hello From New Zealand


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Hello there :)

I am from New Zealand obviously :D

I sort of have a blurred history of when I became a fan of Mika because looking back now, I realise he has always been there in some way....


The story starts in 2007 when I first became aware of Mika when I was around 8 yeas old because my 4 year old cousin was obsessed with "Grace Kelly" so whenever I was at her house, we would dance in her bedroom to the song. Later that same year my best friend at school came got Life In Cartoon Motion for her birthday and was obsessed with "Lollipop" therefore we danced to that song a lot. 


Fast forward a couple of years to when I was about 11 and my mum went to see some friends in Australia and I got some music given to me which I put on my iPod. "Big Girls", "Grace Kelly"and "Love Today" were all on them but I never eally paid attention to them because I didn't really know Mika.


When I was 13 and my best friend at college was obsessed with the song "Love Today" and would play it all the time, and because I had it on my iPod, she would make me listen to it as well.


I then lost my iPod and got a new one, therefore losing all my Mika music.


Around 2013, Popular Song started to play on the radio and the music video was shown a lot on TV. That's when I started to take an interest in Mika and started to listen to his music. I looked him up and it all started from there.


Recently though I found out he wrote a song for Eros Ramazzotti and my mum listened to him all the time when I was younger. So I also grew up listening to the song Mika wrote.


There's more to the story but I'm leaving it there because I've written heaps.


But if anyone wants to chat or say "Hi" that's cool :)


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Hi and welcome to the MFC :bye:


Sounds like Mika has been in your life a long time :naughty:


We do have other fans from NZ and Australia, but they have been very quiet lately :sad:

Yeah they have been quiet. I'm going to try wake them up :lol:

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