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Salut! :)


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Hi there!

I'm Claire, writing from northern Italy.

I've been a Mika fan since the very beginning, but never had the idea of joining the MFC ????

I'm mother of a sweet baby Who is growing with all Mika's songs, he loves them!!!!


I like Cooking, travelling, TV series, Classic ballet and..Mika of course!


Nice to meet you all! ????

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Hi,  :hi5:  !!
I'm Myriam, 46, and I'm from Rome!

I'm sure your baby will join here as soon as he can!

Where are you from exactly?

If you want, be free to to join us at the Italian Thread, too, at the direct link:

The direct path is: Forums > General Chat > MFC International > ITALIAN THREAD - XVII parte

Enjoy your first time on MFC, hope to see you soon!!

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