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Your claims to fame


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RAK1 gave me this idea


Who have you met, do you know or maybe who you are:shocked: if famous yourself.


Mine are rather lame..


Saying i love you to Brian May as most of you know already


have met at stage door...


Jarvis cocker

Jason Donovan(long time ago)

Lead singer of wonder stuff(ex boyf was obsessed with him) icant rem his name!..good gig though!


One of my best m8s went to school with Ronon keating(apparently he didnt sing in that strange way, like he did in boyzone, when he was at school)


and another is good m8s with that pony club band, i have met their lead singer(long before they were famous, if you can say they even are now!)


Told you ...lame, I bet some of you have some fab stories:naughty:

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Blimey, I gave someone a good idea, I need to lie down for a bit :roftl:

Miles Hunt is the lead singer of The Wonderstuff, was quite a big fan of them myself for a while, saw them again last year but it wasn't quite the same.

It was funny because the guy I was at school with, I saw at Live8 (I won two tickets for the Gold area right up at the front), but found myself too shy to talk to him, probably just as well as REM were on at the time and he was walking along with his son, and he started Dad dancing! I felt his son would be embarassed enough without some strange woman coming out of nowhere shouting "remember me":roftl:

I worked in a hotel in Manchester a few years back and met Larry Blackmon, the singer in Cameo, really nice guy, John Ratzenberger, Cliff in "Cheers", Richard Coles from the Communards who was very encouraging to me (I was doing a sound engineering course at the time) and Jeremy Brett, who played Sherlock Homes, again another really nice person.

We had David Bowie there too, on his Glass Spider tour, but didn't get to meet him, he had REALLY good security. I was there in the evenings, checking the rooms had everything they needed for the night, (even put mints on the pillows) but the security guy wouldn't let me in the room, despite my best efforts to assure him I wasn't some mad stalker. He did however try to persuade me to give him some extra mints, Ha ha, NOT A CHANCE. No room check, NO SWEETIES!:roftl:

My 2nd cousin went to school with Stephen Gately from Boyzone, who's parents still live around the corner from my cousin.

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:wub2: Met and took photo with Mika at Culture Show (and also saw Patrick Stewart at the same shoot - but no photo)


Met and took photo with F1 driver Juan Pablo Montoya...also shook hands with Ralph Schumacher as he was at a staff awards ceremony and he presented me with an award (we sponsor BMW Williams :wink2: )


Onced served cheese to Jonathan Ross when I worked on the deli in Safeways aaaages ago hehe..


Was stood a few feet away from HRH The Queen last year when she visited our office


Saw the whole of the South African Rugby team in a hotel lobby in Kensington last year :mf_lustslow:


Was at a Chart Show shoot with Neil (Doctor) Fox


Once got autographs from Sinitta, Yazz (The only way is up!) - not that cool :P

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Cool idea :)


Well ... I used to work in hotels and have checked in Ian St John (ex-footballer), one of the Gladiators (sorry, forgot her name), Jenny Powell, Fay from Steps, Chuckle Brothers and a few others.


But those I've WANTED to meet .. Bruce Dickinson, Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Howard Donald, Chesney Hawkes (yes, he's still gigging), 3 members of Def Leppard (Rick Savage, Viv Campbell and Joe Elliot), Jonathan Wilkes, Joe Pasquale and Jason Donovan. Also loads of other people too from when I was a kid.


Have also grabbed Bryan Adams's arse when I saw him in concert in 04 :P


Am hoping to meet Mika and Jason Donovan (again) in May when I go see them.

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Mei you are nearly famous yourself with all those meetings!!!! God you met Mika I forgot that, I will be doing the same at london gig, i hope:wink2: I am going to have to step up my celeb spotting.. it is the kids you see and mostly babysitters that are paid by the hour that hold me back :blink::naughty:

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Mei you are nearly famous yourself with all those meetings!!!!


:blush-anim-cl: nah.... I'm sure there are lots of people out there that have had far more and better encounters then me..!


Apparently I was sat next to Steven Redgrave (Quintuple Olympic Gold Medallist Rower) once on the tube.. but was too engrossed in my newspaper to notice.. my colleague only told me when we got off the tube!!

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I havn't got one:emot-sad:

But maybe if we can persuade Mika to enjoy the delights of the 'toon' next weekend........ I will:thumb_yello: (ooh, next weekend, it sounds so close now. )


lv,a ndi xxx

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Well I have met (and known and know ) quite a few stars and thought that maybe you would like to know what some of them are like too!


Mika - wish I knew him more, nicest person in pop, bloody tall and smells lovely!:wub2:

Mark Owen - I have the same tattoo and GOT to know him very well in 1993!:blush-anim-cl:

The Bransons - All Lovely! and they have their own island

Miriah (? sorry can't spell?) Carey - Looks a bit like a monkey close up and only drinks her own wine and lives in high heels

A couple of Windors - Will has the nicest eyes ever, Charlie boy smells a bit musty!

Frankie Lampard - I knew HIM quite well too!:blush-anim-cl:

Patrick Cameron - The best hairdresser in the business!

Sugababes - don't have their own hair!

Princess Diana - Really was the nicest person in the world RIP

Scott Mills - I said alright treacle and he winked at me

The Fonz - still has his own hair!

Kate Moss - bad skin! but she is lovely!

Gareth Gates - lovely eyes!

Dan from the Feeling - top bloke!

Sophie Ellis-Bextor - the tiniest (and palest) person in pop

Keith from the prodigy also went to my school!

I think I will stop there. Who else do you know?


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My fairly insignificant claims to fame are:


I've picked blackcurrants with Fanny Craddock.

I've put compost in Russell Grant's car.

I've sold Robert Plant a Christmas tree.

I've sold Ozzy Osborne 2 bags of smokeless fuel and 12 packets of firelighters! (I'm not sure what sort of a fire he was planning on making!) :naughty:


They were all customers at my parent's garden centre.

Nick Ross from CrimeWatch complained that we'd got leeches in the pond plants!

Sporty Spice is a regular customer (she lives nearby)

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So youve been out with a few superstars young lady ... or thats the impression mr freddiesdouble gets ......


so ho did you get to know all these peeps ????




I'm a bloody lucky girl! Sometimes it's not what you know! But I will tell you my Mark Owen story:

I went to see them live and was right at the front. Just before the encore a bouncer pulled me out of the crowd (much to my dissatisfaction at the time) and was told to wait in the VIP section. Apparently TT used to pick girls out of the crowd, that they liked the look of, at all their gigs. To cut a long story short I ended up being very friendly and obsessed with the guy. He thought I was 18 (I was only 15!) and I knew him for about a year, until the next girl came along. He held my hand when I got my Tattoo, made me a mix tape and was my first love! Unfortunately I don't look the same anymore and didn't have the same effect when I went to see them last year!

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i don,t know if it's a claim to fame for all of you but for me it was and still is... i've meet Chris de Burgh a couple of time... very nice person.

A part from him only meet local canadian artists that nobody know :bleh: because every body knows Celine Dion but she is never out, René does all the shopping loll

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