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Your claims to fame


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My sister and my mum were on the TV! :bleh:

You know those shows they do at Xmas for disadvantaged kids or families where they get 'a special something'? My mum entered my sister for one of those because she's partially sighted when she was about 7 (So that was 2003/4 I think) and they got a 'surprise' trip to Lapland. Me, my dad and my brother were left out, despite the fact I'm her carer :sneaky2: Being 11, I had good reason to be jealous. But I was a good girl for those 3 days! Anyways... They went with Dale Winton (twat. He wouldn't even sign an autograph for me 'as he hadn't met me' :sneaky2: ) and met Father Christmas, went riding on Reindeers (well, on a sledge being dragged bye reindeers), fed reindeers, got reindeer antlers, saw wolves, saw the Northern Lights (I cannot BELIEVE my mum just said 'They weren't that exciting...'! I would love to see them first hand!) and stayed in log cabins. Plus got on TV on Xmas day. My sister loved it. I didn't. My mum didn't stop rubbing it in my face for weeks afterwards. Eventually I just told her to shut up about it and she apologised and didn't metion it to anyone else with me around. I know it sounds mean, but I was 11.

Then we got invited to a 'celebrity halloween party' on for my sister, about a year ago. I thought (as did the rest of my household) that there would be a number of well know celebs there, as the letter said, so we were really excited. We got there (I was in brand new high heels, not realising there would be no seats, so imagine my pain :naughty: ) and had to wait outside for 15 minutes and got chatting to a few people, and we got let in. It was like a v.small music venue. At first it was okay, there weren't loads of people and me, my brother, and my sister were close to the front, as we'd got there earlier than everyone else. We waited for an hour for it to finally start. Then we all got pushed bakward because of kids in wheelchairs (fair enough on me and my brother, but my sister can't really see much further forward that 3 rows back) so my mum told someone. She took Paige to the front, but someone else sent her back again and by that time the show had started so Paige didn't want to jepordise the place she had, even though it was bad. There was only one person there I recognised, and that was Chico. We met him afterwards and he was really nice (despite the fact there were about 50 kids shoving me trying to get closer) and we got an autograph and stuff, but it was nothing like the people made it out to be.

The only other person I've met is Mika, at the HMV signing in April, with my sister.

That was long :boxed: Sorry :naughty:

EDIT: I forgot to metion the show was 5 hours all together, then my mum refused to get the train home and the bus was packed so I stood up in new heels for about 7 hours all together. It took about a month for my feet to recover.

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Oooh...I have more claims to fame to add... :)


- I met Gwen Stefani when I gave her a gift I made for her.


- I met Mika when I gave him my gift. See sig for video. ;)


- I met four of the members from the Killers


- I met two of the members from Louis XIV

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I've never seen this thread before.:naughty:


1. Friends with the bass player from Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer (aka runners-up in the Dew Breakout on MTV2) And the last time I saw the lead singer, she gave me a packet of kool-aid.


2. Met Casey Calvert before he died. Like... 3 months before he died.


3. I was in a music video a while ago. I was a girl in the video who the band walked past, then I realized it was THE band, so I ran up to the stage and danced. The band ended up going nowhere, but it was alot of fun filming it.


4. Andrea Zollo (from Pretty Girls Make Graves) sends me holiday greetings every year after I told her how her music got me through some hard times when I was sick.


That's pretty much it.


Edit: and because I just read Mandi's post, I thought I would add that I live about 10 miles from Davy Jones, and he's a total a-hole. :lmfao: we shop at the same places and everything.

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LOL I remember you mentioning that about Davy. He was a perfect gent to me, so I'm going to go on believing he is a cool dude.... ;)


Which reminds me....he is doing a concert here on Valentine's Day. Dunno if that's how I want to spend that day or not...LOL

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ROFL, go!


It's funny to hear people talk about him being famous, because he feels the same way you do.:naughty: He likes to go into places and go "DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!"


He's been hitting the bottle pretty hard the past couple years, I guess.


My friend, her mom, and her grandma were all over to my house in December after church one night, and her mom goes "Davey Jones is going to be at the Front Street Station next week." and we started talking about what a jerk he was. I said "Who would pay that much to see a washed up celebrity?" (it was a TON of money for him to sing while you ate dinner) and my friend's grandma goes "I know, we could just jump the gate to his fancy house and meet him in person, FOR FREE." I think the conversation ended with my friend screaming "Yea, alcoholic."

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who have I met?



well, I've met



will smith


the whole "spours" nba team


eva longoria and ofcourse tony parker


I met a writr which I forgott his name


and cindy crawford


and king/queen of norway

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I've met:


1. Mika:biggrin2:

2. Tobin Bell (2 times, he plays "Jigsaw" from the movie Saw)

3. Dane Cook

4. Julian McMahon (Nip/Tuck)



I think that's it....:blink:


Psh, I don't know haha

omg this guy looked EXACTLY like dane cook at my school doing a don't bully presentation today. it was sooo creepy and emma ran up to him and told him and apprently he is a famous comedian too :boxed::biggrin2:

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The only famous person I've met is John Smoltz, and I don't think he's that famous unless you like baseball. He plays on the Atlanta Braves.

And I've met these people that aren't really that famous, but anyway: All of the Moffats, Diana DeGarmo when she was like 12(she opened for the Moffats), and the people from LFO. :bleh:


But I've never met anyone actually famous.

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I've met:




Little Britain's David Walliams, Matt Lucas and Paul Putner.

Justin Derrico (P!nks Guitarist)

Mark Schulman (P!nks drummer)

Paddy Mcguinness

Several other randoms, but only really known in UK, soap stars, comedians etc.


I was in the Audience of the Pepsi Chart Show in 1999-can be seen! YAY! ;) Also in the Audience of CD:UK and on MTV Select (the days when they had the window behind the people being interviewed. :) ) all the same week. :)

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I've met:

-The New York Jets (American) football team. [My cousin coached one of the players in high school and remained good friends with him, so he invited my family to Jets training camp since we're such big fans].

-Yoko Ono

-Glen Burtnik (bassist of Styx)



And in a way, Paul McCartney.

That's all I can think of right now. :naughty:

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I just read my post about when i met Roger Federer!!!


He was a bit of an ass, but i think he had to go play a tennis match or something. You know, he said hi and all that, but then these people whisked him off in a big f*** off car and that was the end of that.






Oh, and you know, me and Orlando (Bloom) are really good friends. Uh huh. Yeah. We're like this *crosses fingers* :mf_rosetinted:



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I have no claim to fame,


Unless going to school with and growing up with the EVERMORE brothers counts, (soon to be the next big thing to crack the American market!)


oh and seeing Elijah wood piss in the bucket fountain in cuba st, EWW!

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I served Alvin Stardust and Richard O'Brien (Rocky Horror Show and Crystal Maze - that was a great program!) in the off licence I used to work in.


Richard O'Brien?? :shocked:


I'm so jealous.


i met hanson when i won a competition, they were so sweet.


Awww.... how sweet...


Two of my friends have met Emma Watson (aka Hermione Granger *Harry Potter*) and they've both said she's a right cow.




I bet she is...


And uhh.. Emerson Spartz (creator of mugglenet) wroke on my facebook wall. I made him laugh haha. Woo fame?





I've met:


Mika :wub2:

Martin Sacks (guy on an Aussie cop show)

Todd McKenney (ballroom dancer and judge on Dancing with the Stars)

Wil Anderson (Aussie comedian)

Tripod (Comedy trio)

Paul McDermott :wub2: (Comedian and in a comedy trio called GUD)... paul pointed to me while he was on stage during the show and mouthed "Do you wanna f**k?" (basically)... I was tempted to scream "hell yeah!"... Good thing is he's very nice in person...


And I just realised... besides Mika, the only famous people I've met are Aussies...

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