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The Mika Fan Video


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Project is dead.


7th of June : Attention - DEADLINE: The end of JUNE! I REPEAT THE END OF JUNE...


15/5 - More boys heavily needed - we don't want to look like silly fangirls, do we? 'cos we're not.. Or.. I'm not.. anyways!

15/5 - A little advice


If you sing, make sure to sing clearly. So it's easy to see your lips movements.. Otherwise it won't look convincing, and it's bloody hard for me to see where to put the clip


EDIT 4th MAY: No, There's no deadline, 'cos I would actually like to make the video, and I can't without your videos...


What about we, the fans form this board, made a Mika FanVideo?


A video with us, the fans, dancing or whatever, to Love Today!

With a lot of little clips of each single of us?

I have seen other fans do it, and I think it is a great way to make something funny..




Something like that!

Of course, in ours we don't need to shake our old butts..


IMPORTANT! You don't have to make have sound on it, 'cos I'm gonna put Love Today on top of everything anyways..


Video yourself doing what you like etc to the song 'Love Today' in full. Then get it uploaded somewhere (e.g. MediaFire) that we can download the file and PM the link to me, thats EnFa, and to Sunny Monkey so we can get the video together.


Something like this, but with Love Today as the song. ;)




Nicole is the redthrouser girl in the middle


Closing date for entries is the middle of April so get filming. :)

These are in:





5Believe In Fairies




9arcenciel ?


11Sunny Monkey







18Miss Cutie

19Sivan +




23Mika Mad





28Ms. Mewissa<33





33Drusilla x




38Dangerous Kat


40Grace Kelly



I have 17 videos

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It hates me more! I need several operations before i'm pictureperfect!


Are you in?:wink2:


Lol me 2 i'm a bit nervous. I'm defo in favour of the idea but dont really want to b in the vid :blush-anim-cl: I'll sleep on it tonight...

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By "in" do you mean to actually reveal moi on video?! The mere thought is making me hyperventilate!


Dance you say?! *faints* I can't dance to save my life!


You know what, I don't necessarily have to dance...I'll do something else...I just have to think about it ---Count me in!! :D

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I'm in for this! :D That sounds very frightening idea and that's why I love it! :lmao: Will you be editing/cutting it?

I first thought we were going to sing it all by ourselves and i was already volunteerin to sing the high notes!! :lmfao:

The Shakira video was cute! :naughty:

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i'd love to! whether my parents would allow me to do it or not i dna :blink:

i was also thinking *this obv will never happen* that the fans all sang grace kelly and we all sung a line each or something and then the chorus together XD or at least the people who could reach the notes...O.o

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i'll be more than happy to be in the movie if i can find a decent videocam thing...unless me and my mate charlie team up, in which case we could use his and we could be in it together :roftl:


i reckon we should use "love today". its his second single and by doing this video with this single it would be like support. so yeah, who reckons?

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i reckon we should use "love today". its his second single and by doing this video with this single it would be like support. so yeah, who reckons?


Yeah, I think 'Love Today' would be a great choice! :)

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If you can get all the clips mailed to me or Strudel we can put something really great together. Try to get a video of you doing the entire love today song and we will cut the appropriate bits and mush them together.


Was going to suggest this myself in a few weeks time but you beat me too it ;)

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