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Whats your favourite mika song?


What is your favourite Mika song?  

106 members have voted

  1. 1. What is your favourite Mika song?

    • Grace Kelly
    • Lollipop
    • My Interpretation
    • Love Today
    • Relax (take it easy)
    • Any other world
    • Billy Brown
    • Big girl (you are beautiful)
    • Stuck in the middle
    • Ring Ring

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Top Posters In This Topic

ooops, it's almost impossible to choose one. EVERY song is a little masterpeace:thumb_yello: but i've voted for LOVE TODAY just because of that i hanged on it's video:mf_lustslow:

but explaine me, please. what's the song is "Ring Ring"? i've read about it before, but never heard:boxed: Is it included in US version of the albom? Where can i here it


and yeah, why where is no Over my Shoulders?

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sorry guys, when i did the poll i was only allowed 10 answers and for some reason i chose to leave out happy ending and over my shoulder...really sorry bout that but if its your favourite then jus leve a comment :thumb_yello:


Keep posting

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Its so familiar!! I play it everytime I spoke to my almost-mother-in-law!

She always tries to change me!!:sneaky2:


I know the almost mother-in-laws!! I have one too! Arrrrh!!!!!!

She really hated me, now we just don't see each other so often... :blink:


Anyway, this is really hard.

I answered Stuck in the middle, cause the song just fits me.

But everytime I listen a song of his album, it's the best song. :naughty:

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I know it was hard...and i struggled but i had to choose one... i think i chose 'love today' because i like it when mika goes 'love, love me' :wink2:


You can only put 10 answers so i didnt put happy ending, if i could edit it...maybe i can...i think i should change billy brown to happy ending...billy brown doesn't have any votes but if you like happy ending then leave a comment and vote on a different one like everyone else has done :)

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IT`S SO FU****G HARD! :boxed::roftl: I voted for Grace Kelly but ... it really ISN`T so simple to choose only OnE Mika`s song

Love today is so happy-jumping-around song

Billy Brown is a great story and really pridicolous

Ring Ring is a little bit rocky song

Relax sounds so tehnical

Over my shoulder definitely is the best you-can`t-stop-crying song with a wonderful melody

and I could continue this way ....

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Love Today for me, it makes me feel stupidly happy, lol.



sister!!! :thumb_yello: same story here.


shamelessly supporting stuck in the middle, though I do love them all.



avoca, stuck in the middle fan # 1 :biggrin2:

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