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new video!! Much music :)


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:wub2: that was brilliant, what a man! I love those kind of interviews...so off the cuff, he was sooo nice about prezze, and prezzy is promoting him so much !!t's just sooo good how it's all worked out....Mika is so private...deep down,...a great teaser...I just love it!!!:wub2: :wub2:
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OMG how amazing is that!!! Helllloooo Raha. i have to ask how hard would it b just to sit there with mika sooooooo close, i b scared i run up to him to give him a hug!!! he's looking good as always!!!:thumb_yello: xxx

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I really loved this interview! Mika is always sooo cute and everything he says about being a star and a musician sounds very intelligent...

he's the most perfect guy in the world (well, at least in his interviews but I don't think he's much different in everyday life)

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that was great! yes, i'm also glad that this vj interviewed him; he's the most interesting and genuine of the lot, methinks.


i thankfully didn't run up to him and engulf him in a hug but i DID have the strongest urge to touch his hair...i was seated right behind him!

thankfully, i held that back too. :roftl:


ive seen it xD

but i dont know how Raha looks like!???



just look for a wide-eyed girl on the right of mika with the strangest smile on her face and that's me.

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AS ALWAYS, he is so many levels up in comparison to other people around him... and I am not speaking about height!

Mika is someone special indeed and he faces every interview with the same sunny face... oh, dear boy!

But a glamour singer too, what a mix!

Mika, plz, never change!

:wub2: :wub2:

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