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Hi all Mika's fans!


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I'm thrilled to join your friendly community!

I'm 24, a girl :-)

I've been living in London for the past 7 years, but soon coming back to my native Ukraine.

Before Mika, I've never been anybody's big fan. I usually listen to electronica, soft rock, new age, a bit of pop music. Anything I like, I download from the net, but not wowed by anybody in particular. I don't usually watch charts, cos I'm a bit bored by what I see - everything is so similar.

But one day I was flipping though the channels and saw Mika singing "Grace Kelly". My jaw dropped, believe me! When the song finished and I came to my senses, I realised that I didn't catch the singers name or the song title. Went on the Internet, took me a while, but I found him!

Couldn't resist buying a CD, which is unusual for me :-) Can't stop playing his music, it's fantastic!!!!!! Drives my friends crazy, though :roftl:

I also looooove watching Mika's interviews and live performances on the net.

So here I am, in Mika's fun club. :wink2:


Thank you for reading, hope to be friends with you all. :thumb_yello: X

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Welcome here!!


I love watching interviews of him as well. He's so adorable!! hehe


Absolutelly! He is so fun and childish, and best of all - honest, doesn't care what people think. He puts a big smile on my face every time I watch him. Like that zoo trip - one of my favorite videos of him! I'm sure you've seen it, but he it is again

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your experience sounds very familiar I didn't catch up his name either when I saw him on TV and had to do my researches on the net haha now I'm driving everyone crazy like you :roftl:

welcome btw!

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Yess! I agree with you! He's so genuine!

You need to see the tamagotchi interview!

You can find it for example under the "Official thread of Mika's tamagotchi" thread!


And Welcome!! Im sure you'll have fun here! :wink2:


I've seen that interview what must have been like dozens times on Youtube - it's one of my favorites! There is one thing that upsets me a little though - that woman soooooo doesn't get him! She looks at Mika like he is an alien or something! :furious: It makes me mad but at the same time it's hilarious, I kind of feel sorry for her.:thumbdown:


And thank you for welcoming me here, believe me, I'm having A LOT of fun!:thumb_yello:

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