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PAROU TUDO!!!! Portuguesa?


WOOOOOO!!!!! Finalmenteeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Ok...sorry! Bem vinda!!!!! :roftl:


Afinal não sou a única! Já tou mais descansada! :biggrin2: É bom ver mais fãs de Queen por aqui! Costumas ir ao fórum do Keep Queen Alive?

Diverte-te por aqui, é só pessoal fixe! :wink2:

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i'm portuguese and i first heard Mika on the radio, with Grace Kelly. Then I decided to buy the cd (which is wonderful, and i love Mika because i love Queen and Freddie mercury, and i think their musics and voice are very alike), and then i found out out great and handsome he is..:o)


Hello! :)



oh he is handsome :D:wub2:

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