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Hi everybody!


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Just wanted to say hello to everyone.:wink2: I'm from the Italian alps but at the moment I live in Paris working as an au pair boy:bleh: Mika is coming to Paris twice and I've almost missed out on both opportunities. Luckily I checked out the posts on the forum on Monday night and saw the thread about this new date at the Olympia. Many many thanks to Sunny Money for this forum!:thumb_yello:...if I hadn't got that ticket i would be so pissed now!:badmood: Next morning I rushed there and got my ticket.:roftl: The first Paris concert is at a very small venue next Wednesday and I couldn't get any tickets for it (tickets selling for 5 times the original price on ebay!), but I'll still be there trying to get in somehow!

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Hello everyone!

i'm from Norway and i found Mika on our Top 20 list. they played his video Grace Kelly and i just loved it! even my mum like him:mfr_lol:

i haven't bought his album yet, but i'm going to, if i'm not getting it to my birthday :) I hope Mika's coming to Norway to play a concert someday!

Hi and hello ;)

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