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Brand New!


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That's right, I'm brand new here.

Hello! :)


My name is Jenn and I reside in Ontario, Canada. ...uh...any Canadians or Ontarians in the house today? (Just curous. ^_^ )

I am twenty-two years young and Mika makes me feel like a screaming twelve year old fan girl. (...I'm sure you can all understand.)



I first heard of Mika, oddly enough, while doing an online music survey for a local radio station. (105.3 Kool FM). And what they would do is play a thirty second song clip from all sorts of different genres and you could rate if you though it was a 1 (HORRIBLE) or a 10 (You want to make babies with it).


I had never heard of Mika before, until 'Grace Kelly' was up to be judged.

I LOVED IT. -Even as a little thirty second sound clip! I instantly rated it a 10, and went to download 'Grace Kelly'. The very next day I found myself in the music store, buying two copies of 'Life in Cartoon Motion', buying tickets to see him at his last concert in Toronto, Ontario, downloaded 'Grace Kelly' as a ring tone on my cell phone and incorporating him in all my recent art works!



I love music. I have a CD collection of almost six-hundred CD's. (Most of which are David Bowie CD's. As I am THE biggest Bowie fan ever. ...but that's for another forum, methinks!) ;)


Anyway! This is long enough. Just wanted to welcome myself and say I look forward to getting to know everybody else on here. :) --Should be fun!

Feel free to msg me anytime.


I have last.fm / MySpace / LiveJournal / MSN / Facebook if anyone is interested!

Thanks again!

Be well.



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I'm pretty new myself - you'll find this a very friendly and welcoming home. I'm from Vancouver, B.C., the Wet (West) Coast. I can totally relate to the 12 year-old screaming fan part!:mf_lustslow: It gets pretty embarrassing at times! Hope you have fun meeting all these lovely folks from all over the globe!:thumb_yello:

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