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Mika's songs and your singing


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Hmmm interesting!


How would people like to post replies of them singing a song of Mika's?

It doesn't have to be long.

It doesn't have to be perfect.

It's just for fun :D

You can always upload them on yousendit.com or something.

You can always send another song of your choice along with a Mika song, BUT THERE MUST BE A MIKA SONG.


I would start off but I don't want to post anything of me singing, have people listen to it but then no-one continue the thread LOL because that would be embarrassing! Who's brave enough to start first?

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Wow it was really good :thumb_yello: I think you should become a singer :wink2:


LMFAO. Awww thanks! :roftl: maybe I could have a duet with Mika some time? *haha i wish!*


anyways guys! Come on! Everyone else has to post, not just me!

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In the moment I can´t sing xD Everyone is sleeping :wink2:


XD don't you have any recordings from like...a while back? if not, fair do's :punk: but promise you'll post one tomorrow!! promiiiiiiise!

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If I recorded myself singing, you wouldn't have any ears left :P


hahaha same here ....and you all need ears to listen to Mika so i wont punish you all by singing :naughty:

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Im up for it!! If i start, then you shall all follow!! You never know....your talents may be discovered by the man himself and youll get snapped up by his record label....and...and.... hehe


:D Im definately doing it


LMFAO I love the way you cut off there and say "IM DEFINITELY DOING IT!"


okay. well. you can send as many songs as you like! You can send other songs too but at least one has to be a Mika song. Just for fun. Doesn't have to be long. Doesn't have to be perfect. Come on guys you know you want to!

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