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Adorable pix of MIKA wiv a teddy bear - awwwwww :D


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hmm.... especially the first one... is he like giving that bear a kiss??? Mika, Mika! If you read this I'm waaayyy cuddlier (sp?Is this a word?) than a stuffed animal:naughty: :thumb_yello:



i luv the "im waaayyy cuddlier" part.

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Oh, thanks heaps for that mate! I really love that video! It's adorable!!


I want to keep these videos... Is there any way to save them to your computer?


Aussie :insane:


I don't know about saving them on a computer, but what you can do is register on YouTube (it doesn't take too much time) and save videos to "My Favorites". So, every time you log in you can see all of you favorite videos!:thumb_yello: This way you don't take up too much space on your comp. I hope it made some sense.:wink2:

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Hey guys


Here are some pix of our dear MIKA









Doesnt he loook sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE!!!


Bless lol :wub2:

Im sorry its not good quality!




Where did you find it ?

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