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Mika in US Newspaper


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My dad reads the newspaper all the time. He came across this little picture of Mika in the fashion section on the Sunday paper. I believe we get the Chicago Suntimes and it was in a little newspaper called FLUFF.



If you can't read it, it says...


"It's Comfortable, Too:

Pop singer Mika, determined to find his own style, settles for the one look not yet claimed by anyone: toggled hoodie with voodoo bear necklace."



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Elaborate please...I don't think I can focus after reading a few of the things I read on voodoo :shocked:


Using google I found a page of an online shop selling bags with that little bear on it, so it seems to me that mikas necklace-bear is not really related to active voodoo cult practices :insane::wink2:

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