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How tall is Mika?


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Straight from the horses mouth in an interview a while ago, 6' 4"


Also know his inside leg measurement if anyone's interested...


I'm interested! If he's 6'4" then i'm a foot and 2 inches shorter than him. Thats ok! We'll be a strange but happy couple. =]

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I'm not tall at all!


I'm 5'3" that's about 1.60 m:shocked: :P


:shocked: And we dutchies are supposed to be the tallest people in the world!

Don't worry, I'm small too.. ( well, I think so:wink2: )like 5 ft 5/6 (?) 1.67 m

I'm only fourteen but I don't think I will grow anymore...

I would be fun to kiss mika by using a chair to stand on!:roftl: (or very, very high heels!)

So love that he's tall....:wub2:

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