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Mika is on Popworld again in few minutes:D


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When I first saw him I choked on my food and had to run to the bathroom and un-die! SHKSJDFHSKDJFH I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you soooo much, babspanky!!!


Sorry! I gave credit to the wrong Mika fan =p hotdlp is dauym fine too.

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This is my first effort with a dvd recorder and youtube, with lots of blood sweat and tears from Sou and myself, here is the popworld thing.

Please be gentle with us!




:flowers2: Oh this is fantastic Babspanky, thank you soo much for doing this!!!!! Thank you soo much Sou!!!!! The quality is great.

You're going to get so many viewings on youtube:wink2:

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Couldn't have done it without Sou holding my hand (virtually of course!)


Aww, Babs! I'm so proud you figured out how to do the final steps while I was at uni! GREAT JOB!!!!!!


Mika in leather....So does anyone else expect a high demand on leather trousers?! haha

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