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Mika's interview on Speak Up


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A few weeks ago I bought a magazine which should help to learn english (just because Mika was on the cover :bleh: )


There was a cd with the interview recorded...nothing special, but it is our loved boy!


here is the link to the file...it's BIG even if it lasts about 3.30 minutes




later I will add the text too...it can be useful to people who is not english! :biggrin2:


I hope you'll enjoy it :wink2:

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you're welcome! :biggrin2:


and I agree about Haylie's new avatar... (give a look here girls :bleh: )



I'm sorry you'll have to wait a few hours for the text...I'm studying (ehm ehm) when my parents will go to sleep I'll be able to use my scanner :wink2:

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please mind repeated threads!!!! it has been posted here already...

sorry, i can't help it, i hate double threads!






ciao, thanks for posting anyway , it means that you care!


:doh: I hate them too and care for that! I'm sorry, I missed that one....well...closed!!! no more posts!


and kisses to everyone! (they're free, so I can afford to give to anyone :naughty: )

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Awww...so you want me dead! :sneaky2:


:naughty: My heart couldn't survive to that pic BIGGER! but...I will die happy :wub2:


Thank you! (now I'm going to have lunch...see you later!)


No one wants you dead.. specially not me... you're my best country amica:wink2:


And with all these wonderful threads your making, we wouldn't miss you for anything in the world:blush-anim-cl:


I'll pm the link later

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