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RTHK - mika in hk


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"Surgery"....erm...okaaaayyyy! lol


Thanks for the link :D


Btw, I've cut out part one of Mika's interview and you can download it here :)


I'll update part two as soon as it's aired :D

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Thanks a lot everyone - for posting and cutting and uploading... ... ...:flowers2:


LOL, "training is as foreign to pop music as surgery"... haha :roftl:

He could be right with that...


yeah...I would like to know WHERE he thought Mika had been operated


...I thought about his vocal cords :blink::doh::roftl:

I'm such a good girl - LOL


...I truly hate that Grace Kelly Remix they played in the background...grrr, disturbing:blink: ..(is it only me? :blink: )

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Hey everyone...I was listening to the live feed of Teen Time on RTHK, they put up the second part of Mika's interview...BUT, Alysun(?) also said that tomorrow she'll continue 'part 2' where she'll ask him what he thinks about digital music amongst other things...erm...wasn't today supposed to be part 2?!! I'm confused :blink:

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The remix you can here in the first part is Linus Loves Remix of Grace Kelly.

I wonder why they played it..?


Yeah, the surgery question, eh..

They were laughing very loud in the background after pretty much everything Mika said...

Great interview! :naughty:

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Oooo....I wish he would do the digital extras he talked about even if i had to give up my ipod video and buy a new one!

I have downloaded the music and then bought the cd/7" aswell just to get the artwork!!! i love the cut out versions best!!

(and I haven't even got anything now to play them on if I wanted to!!)

but then again I like art maybey some others would be happy with the download alone but you can't get that signed when you meet him!!! LOL!


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