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    " Without the music, the life would be an error."🎼🎵
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    I love Mika, the dance, the rhythmic and sportive gymnastic, I love taking photos, I like books and i like writing stories and quotes 💞

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  1. Hi everybody !! :-D

    Hello my dear Céline ! Thank you for sharing this photo of mika and for your video it's so beautiful !. ..
  2. Hello Everyone!

    Hello @SunSpot12 !! Welcome here ! We're happy to meet you ! I'm Maria from France 🇫🇷. Have a good time here and have lots of fun !
  3. Mika 's wonderful quotes

    Yes, I have already saw these videos. But i thought it was others books. Thank you for this news.
  4. Happy Velentine's day !!! 

    Long life to all lover !!!!! :wub2::wink2:

    I wish you full of happiness together !!!!!! 



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    2. Mikasister


      Mika Always in my heart despite everything :wub2: 



    3. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      Hahaha thank you @Happymika_by_celine ! Your pictures are very beautiful ! :wub2:

    4. Lilyen


      Also if he is in Floride with Andy and the girls...'dream a little dream of me' happy Valentine's day girls:hug:

  5. The most beautiful pictures of Mika

    Thank you to @Mikasisterfor sharing this photo !
  6. Mika 's wonderful quotes

    I hope I didn't make too errors... "This has always been the case. I have always been mocked because of my homosexuality, because of my strangeness. In my childhood I was the favorite target of stalkers, and even now, despite the celebrity, the wickedness of people doesn't spare me. But there is a big difference between the past and the present. Before I was alone, I thought nobody loved me. And when I fell, people were trampling me. Also today, I still encounter obstacles. But I'm not alone: there are so many people who love me, who are strong around me. Thanks to them, I get up, I continue to run for them. Fans often tell me, "you saved me". But they are wrong. They are the ones who saved me and continue to do it every time."
  7. Happy Birthday Maria!!! May all your dreams come true! :flowers2::hug:



    1. Mikasister


      Happy Birthday @Maria :) I've already opened a thread for you. :huglove:

    2. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      Oooooh thank you soooooo much  @Dominika !!!

      Very beautiful gif ! :wub2:

      It makes me happy... :cheer: !!!! 

      Have a nice day ! :huglove:

    3. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      It's such kind Alba... :blush-anim-cl:

      Thank you very much !! :huglove:

      Good day et enjoy ! 


  8. Chère Maria :happybday:

    Je te souhaite une vie pleine de joie, de bonheur, que tous tes rêves se réalisent et que tu puisses finalement aller au concert de Mika! J'espère pouvoir te rencontrer un jour! Joyeux anniversaire mon amie! :hug: 

    Wszystkiego najlepszego!!! ( C'est en polonais Happy Birthday :wub:)  



    1. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      Hello @Ewa12 !!!! :hug:

      Oooooh it's sooooooooo nice thank you from the bottom of my heart  !!!!! :huglove:

      I hope we 'll meet us one day too. :wink2:


      See you soon !! 

  9. What Can We Do to Make MFC Better?

    @silver @Sabine64 It's nice to reply me. And I thank you for the time you spend here to help and maintain the MFC. It's very amazing !
  10. What Can We Do to Make MFC Better?

    What you tell is very beautiful, so I thank you for your words. I met amazing friends too thanks to MFC, and i hope we will stay friends forever. I'm very grateful towards mika. Everybody is different here and i enjoy that. I think it's a one of the most beautiful wealth. And thank you to reassure me. I'm very happy to meet you my dear !
  11. What Can We Do to Make MFC Better?

    I just discover this messages and I'm very surprise... I didn't imagine that there was tension here. It makes me worry and sad. Maybe, i didn't notice that because I didn't want to see that. Because the MFC has to be a place where we can share beautifuls things and meet new friends. I would like to heard someone says me that this words are just rumors, because I had hope that in the MFC, everybody was friends because Mika was stronger than these bad things and he knew to reunite us.
  12. [The Voice] season-7, France - 2018

    OK merci beaucoup !
  13. [The Voice] season-7, France - 2018

    Si j'ai essayé et j'ai pu en voir certaines mais il y a toujours de la pub avant alors c'était un peu pénible. Et puis ça marchait une fois sur deux ...
  14. [The Voice] season-7, France - 2018

    Yes, it's probably to encourage people to watch on TV... But it's bad.
  15. [The Voice] season-7, France - 2018

    It's true ! Do you know why they block ?!