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  1. Hello Girls :hug:

    Wow it's very awesome ! (from 1:21) 

    Have a good day ! 

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    2. Dominika


      Good day to you too Maria ! :hug:

      This weekend is pure blessing for me. Yesterday I was on an event which is similar to Comic Con where you can see and meet all wonderful people dressed in characters from tv series, comics and movies. I also took a picture with an actress Felicia Day although I haven't seen her in any movie before :teehee::biggrin2:

      Today I'm meeting with Ewa. We hadn't an opportunity to see each other for a while, so now when the weather is great we go out to breathe fresh air and catch some rays of the sun :cheer:

    3. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      Hi @Dominika !

      Wow it's great !! 

      You're very lucky... Say hello to Ewa from me and have a nice time together. I hope you will show us photos. :wink2:

    4. Mikasister
  2. Hello girls ! 

    I have rediscovered this wonderful music yesterday. 

    It's soooo beautiful....its power is vast for me. 💞 💕


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    2. Loo


      Classical, piano, tuxedo, artistic blur...  syncope.gif.47d384560b1fc2ff0ad82e8d8b85e622.gif

    3. Dominika


      Thanks for sharing this video @Maria :) :flowers2:

      It's very beautiful mellody :cloud:

    4. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      @Loohaha exactly ! :lmfao:

      And bow tie... :cloud:

  3. Have a beautiful night girls ! :hug:



    1. Mikasister


      Have a good night @Maria :)  :huglove:

  4. Good night girls !! :hug:




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    2. Ewa12


      Good night Maria :hug: Thanks for the first photo. I've never seen this one and I'm already in love :wub:

    3. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      With pleasure @ Ewa12:huglove:


    4. Míriam Ballester

      Míriam Ballester


  5. Thank you so so much !!!!

    1. Mikasister


      Beautiful piano @Maria :) Thanks for sharing.:huglove:

    2. Boucarilla


      Thanks a lot my dear! 😘

  7. Good evening @ girls !! :huglove:


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    2. Dominika


      Me after Mika's decision 👇


      I was convinced that Guillaume and Casanova will get to semi finals 😕

    3. Maria :)

      Maria :)


      Don't you like Frédéric ? 

      Me I am happy. 

      Frédéric sang a song for his mother because she died two months ago. The lyrics were wonderful. 

    4. Dominika


      Frederic sings good but sometimes he act too much and this is what I don't like about him

  8. Good night @girls !!

    My new gif :wink2: :cloud:

    giphy (1)_1521469500372.gif

  9. Good saturday with Mika @girls !!! Enjoy ! :hug:

    I love his unruly lock on the last picture. :wub2:





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    2. Mikasister


      Yep, more than this



    3. Dominika


      oh yeah, ten thousand better! :yes:

    4. Boucarilla


      Totally agree with you! :yes:

  10. Good night girls ! 

    A wonderful music of Tchaikovsky to sleep better... ;) :wub2:



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    2. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      Yeah it would be great ! :)

      Have you ever been to a concert of Mika ? 

    3. Míriam Ballester

      Míriam Ballester

      @Maria :) I´ve never been in a concert of him! It would be the first time if I´m lucky.

      Do you?:teehee:

    4. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      It's the same for me... 

      And i hope when i will go, it will be with @ girls, my friends ! :hug:

  11. Mika's hairs over time ... (but not in order) 

    I have discovered this last haircut today. 

    How do you prefer ?  :wink2:

    Good night ! 








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    2. Boucarilla


      Good night girls!

      I love this one...


    3. Mikasister


      Good night!!  


      Me too @Boucarilla

    4. Loo


      The 4th (without the red lock) since it's her natural hair and the 6th.


      Boucarilla said: His hair looks soft... :wink2:

      They are! :wink2:

  12. It can seem strange but i love when Mika says his name whole ... :lmfao:



    If you have others videos where he says his name whole, I am glad to have ! :wink2:

    1. Dominika


      It sounds so nobly plus his voice :wub2:

    2. Míriam Ballester

      Míriam Ballester

      Not strange at all! What it makes fell in love of a man is his voice (in the supposition he has a sensual voice):lmfao:

      Mr. Michael Holbroock Penniman Jr.´s voice sounds nice:wub2:

    3. Loo


      Maria :) said:It can seem strange but i love when Mika says his name whole ...


      Then I'm strange too! :biggrin2:

  13. Maria :)

    Mika in white shirts

    @MikasisterYes I love staring at the sun too... He's so cute... And i understand you like this clip because he wears a white shirt and we can see him in profile... Personally, I love when he wears a bow tee...
  14. Maria :)

    Mika in white shirts

    I love it too... 😍
  15. Maria :)

    Mika in white shirts

    Good guys