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  1. Twitter: the same on IG, and his IG stories: mikainstagram_126147104_772332953351216_3780940877142561943_n.mp4 mikainstagram_125856084_3849663505045013_377882363799570865_n.mp4 mikainstagram_126218697_230881341966304_690850813566974761_n.mp4
  2. I'm not even sure it's a guy. But I'm sure it's not Mika.
  3. More stories by Mika: mikainstagram_mikainstagram_88614620_373762800363131_8735417889948560480_n.mp4 mikainstagram_mikainstagram_88606929_172714037817294_8515934465615407548_n.mp4 mikainstagram_mikainstagram_126430534_3931255070232226_2783795148618313518_n.mp4 mikainstagram_126099021_2730553693853008_4146623600165669224_n.mp4
  4. It's true, insecurity can come across as being fake and arrogant. But as we're on MFC here, it's Mika who sets the standards - and tho he used to be full of insecurities at the beginning of his career, he never seemed fake or arrogant, apart from maybe a few slips. Anyway, I don't see any of the other candidates as very likeable either. Not even Casadilego, tho she's an amazing singer and can transport a lot of emotion in her voice, when I watch her IG stories, it's just meh, not very interesting. So I could imagine Vergo has a chance of winning this thing, he's definitely among my faves, for
  5. I see what you mean - but as I probably won't follow any of these artists after XF is over (unless they work together with Mika), I don't care much about whether they're real or fake. I mostly look at their singing and their performance. And Vergo is a great performer, that's undeniable. If I had to choose which of Mika's candidates I'd go to have a drink with, that'd be Naip, he's definitely more likeable and a more deep and interesting person. But as a performer on stage, Vergo touches me more than Naip. Well, not everyone can have it all, like Mika does.
  6. Thank you! I've downloaded this one, because apparently they've already deleted again the one you posted yesterday. Do they just delete it if you post the whole Daily's, would it be better if you only upload Mika's part? Or doesn't it make a difference? What is Mika saying about Vergo's song, the first time he's speaking with Vergo? I think later he tells Vergo that it seems like he's suffering and he should rather have fun. And in the end I think Mika complains why he always gets the most difficult team, or something like that?
  7. Ah, thanks. So in the first part they'll be singing again songs they've sung before? It makes sense that 2 candidates will have to leave, there are not that many live shows left. I just wish they'd let them sing their newly rehearsed songs first, I think it's not fair if they have to rehearse and invest all this work and then they don't even get the chance to sing it.
  8. Mika IG stories: mikainstagram_125465424_388983602452818_6756317353814452195_n.mp4 mikainstagram_125366030_678389166149796_1305388710602037243_n.mp4 mikainstagram_126148907_967491026992898_8614989094985356170_n.mp4
  9. I also was stunned by his performance. It felt like a prayer - the atmosphere, the music, the costumes, his movements.... I didn't even notice there was autotune, but imo this performance had this special something that Mika said he was looking for. What are the rules for the next Live, does it change every time?! Why is there a risk that Naip can't perform his song? He sounded awesome in yesterday's rehearsal, I want to hear it!!
  10. Perfect enough, Mika is singing. Thank you!! And wow, I'm amazed that Naip can do such a song, very melodic! Looking forward to his performance on the next live. Mika also says a few words about the song, that it's about love without cliché, starting with wanting to throw love away and ending with begging for it to return - and that this is beautiful because it's true. It's good that he explains the song, just from reading the lyrics I wouldn't have understood the meaning - the translator often only makes half sense with lyrics, because lyrics often aren't schoolbook grammar.
  11. Starting at 5:50, the question is how is your relation with Mika. I don't understand much of his answer, I think I understand something like that Mika believes in Vergo and Naip, and in the end Vergo says it's an artistic relation and it's very good. Anyway he doesn't seem overly excited to me, I have the feeling he's struggling for words a bit. Maybe someone who speaks Italian can give us a clearer idea of what he says? Edit: And at 7:05 there's another question, something about songs and Mika and Naip - but not sure what it's about, songs that represent them? That he'd dedicate to them?
  12. Vergo just was live on XFactor's IG, he also talked about Mika.
  13. Mika IG story yesterday, a repost of MFC's repost of a fan with a tattoo saying 'Who gives a shit about tomorrow' - tho in Mika's story it's not readable at all anymore, I already found it hard to read in the MFC one, so not sure what he wanted to say by reposting this. Well I do understand why he'd like a tattoo of this songline, because for getting a lasting tattoo you just have to give a shit about tomorrow. But I mean what's the point if no one can read it. It's nice to hear from him though, even if it's random. And the song is playing too, so maybe that's why.
  14. Sky IT story, you can pick whether Mika's outfit looks more like a carrot or a traffic light.
  15. So, let me just make this clear again: In my first post on here when I said Mika doesn't mind, I did NOT mean people telling him they want to have sex with him. I was talking about my own comments, which are telling him in different (imo respectful) ways that he looks attractive, and from what I gathered that isn't the problem you're talking about. Like Sabine, I hadn't (still haven't) seen those comments in question - not sure if that's because social media shows me mostly the comments that me and my friends might be interested in the most, and/or just because I usually don't scroll down to r
  16. Ich hoffe, du bleibst gesund. Gehörst du zur Risikogruppe? Ich kenne zum Glück im Umfeld niemanden, der positiv getestet wurde, toi toi toi - habe aber gelesen, dass Österreich das im Verhältnis zur Bevölkerung am meisten betroffene Land weltweit ist derzeit, das ist schon hart. Wie hast du es denn in deinem Umfeld wahrgenommen vor dem Lockdown, haben sich die Leute daran gehalten, möglichst wenige Kontakte zu pflegen und Masken zu tragen, oder eher nicht? Hier sind die Kindergärten ja bislang noch offen, aber im März-Mai war's dasselbe hier. Mein Sohn versteht das ja alles schon,
  17. I agree with you on that. And sorry Chandler if it came across to you as if I meant this with my comment about Mika humping things on stage. It's not what I mean. I can elaborate on this more tonight, when I have more time. What I'm still trying to figure out in this discussion is what comments we're talking about here. It's a HUGE difference to me whether someone comments a pic of Mika with "😍" than saying "the things I'd do to him". No matter if they're 16 or 60. I thought with this thread Chandler might also be referring to my Tweets about the video of Mika opening his jacket to
  18. I think that's a good point. Disrespectful and very explicit comments, of people of all ages, are something that I think none of us wants to see. But I don't see anything disrespectful in the 😍 smiley, for example. So maybe it's more a question of our different views on what a disrespectful or explicit comment is? I guess it might make sense that a 12 year old has different views on this than a 16 year old than a 30 or 40 year old.
  19. Not sure this will work. I suppose especially now in times of Corona they'd be extra careful. Anyway I wouldn't count on it that he'd get a letter sent to the XF studio. Maybe just call them and ask what they do with letters sent to the judges and talents at this address?
  20. Chandler, you do have some good points, I also cringe at comments like "the things I'd do to him" (tho luckily it's rare that I see such explicit comments) or the photoshopped images of Mika's head on naked bodies. Also, once my own kids will be old enough to get on social media, I might have to consider setting my profiles to private - but that is independent from any comments in particular, but just because I know that my hobby of following a popstar might be considered "weird" by others, and while I have no problem at all explaining and defending this to any of my own contacts, I don't thin
  21. Here are a few bits of/about the Daily 13, which sadly we didn't get a full recording of (shame, it seemed to be one of the most interesting ). The video for this is gone, it was a clip filmed from TV, where Vergo was talking with Mika and had tears in his eyes. But Elena was so nice to translate what was said in that clip (and after): Also someone wrote on Twitter that Mika mentioned a German word, "Gesamtkunstwerk" (which is a concept made popular by Richard Wagner, Mika had mentioned it before at some point years ago). But I don't know in which c
  22. IG story by Giacomo Carrera (yesterday): And Mika's posts / stories around the last liveshow:
  23. Hach ja, bin gespannt wie lang's in DE noch dauert bis zum nächsten großen Lockdown - würde mich sehr wundern, wenn wir darum herumkommen diesen Herbst/Winter. Alles Gute für dich! Wie gehts dir denn?
  24. Where is that quote from? It was obvious that he was embarrassed, but he was also laughing - and he posted the whole thing with subtitles on his IG, so altogether I think he was ok with it. By posting it with subtitles, he also made sure that everyone understands what he actually wanted to say.
  25. When I use those other smileys, I post them from my phone keyboard, for example: 😁🐊🍗 @TinyLove_CJ Something I noticed is that when I open the notifications once, they all get marked as read, so after clicking on one of them, I can't see which others are new. Do you see the missing notifications in the list at all?
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