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  1. Did he say anything interesting? I can't watch it from outside France, but I hope there'll be a replay on the website.
  2. Is this similar to Xfactor / The Voice? Mika seems to be some sort of coach for the talents, if I understand it right - do they have judges as well, or is it different? Well it's this winter 20/21, right? He surely can't do any gigs before next summer, so I see no problem there. He said several times that he'd love to get a chance to work in Montreal, happy for him that he got it. Seems he's not much worried about Covid, with all the travelling he does and plans now, but well. At least he's doing something, I hope he'll stay cautious nevertheless. Let's see how much we
  3. Mika retweets: Wow, so he's in France now, when he still was in Italy at noon?! I have trouble to keep up with all the news and channels he's on.
  4. No, it's Sunday evening in Japan, which means Sunday noon in Europe, we're 7 hours behind Japan. It's Sunday 12:00 noon CET, so Paoletta, maybe you can watch that, in Italy that's not in the evening. Just buy a ticket for the Asia / Australia timezone instead of the Eurpean one. If I understand this article right, it will also be streamed on some Video on demand channels and the money of it will go to Beirut: https://www.france24.com/fr/20200916-explosions-à-beyrouth-le-chanteur-mika-organise-un-concert-caritatif-virtuel?fbclid=IwAR0WO-S-G2yZ7r1JVAZLvp6zecH3oB2lHkuR2FaT-U2xTmocOH8j
  5. And France 24 tomorrow: https://www.france24.com/fr/20200916-explosions-à-beyrouth-le-chanteur-mika-organise-un-concert-caritatif-virtuel?fbclid=IwAR0WO-S-G2yZ7r1JVAZLvp6zecH3oB2lHkuR2FaT-U2xTmocOH8jwGvkblA
  6. Mika retweeted this: If I understand it right, he'll be on France 5 at 19:00 and on TF1 at 19:25, at least that's when those shows start.
  7. Today at 16:50 Mika will speak about the I ❤ Beirut gig at Wired Next Fest, via streaming: https://nextfest2020.wired.it/speaker/mika/?refresh_ce= and https://nextfest2020.wired.it/events/i-love-beirut-mika/ - not sure tho where we can watch the streaming? Seems he's scheduled only for 5 minutes, so I suppose it's just promo for the gig.
  8. Mika and the other judges were live in the studio of Radio RTL 102.5 to talk about Xfactor: They all also posted several IG stories.
  9. You have 3 chances to watch it live, but you'd need an extra ticket for a different timezone. The American stream would be in the middle of the night, but the one for Asia is Sunday 11:00 am UK time, maybe you can watch that one if you miss the original one? As Deb said in yesterday's MFC IG live, all we know for sure is that there'll be these 3 livestreams. Some fans hope there'll be a DVD, but so far it doesn't look like there'll be one.
  10. The translation of this part doesn't get clear to me, maybe an Italian speaker can help? Does he mean he decides not to be too soft because it makes the relationship with the contestants easier? Or that he doesn't manage, although it would make the relationship easier? From what I get, this would say "great, never change!", as indeed I often see comments on socials of people telling him "stay how you are" or "please never change". But I think that is something he has always refused, just remember the line from Ordinary Man "everyone thinks that I'm staying the same, are t
  11. IG Stories by Mika today: mikainstagram_119497632_1169156570124869_2809483907706496456_n.mp4
  12. mikafans_france_ on Instagram has reposted a lot of stories from yesterday, including sources. Here he says the tissue collection is dedicated to his little niece.
  13. Yeah, exactly my thoughts. I mean, it's a really cool event and all, but I don't get how he can risk this just a few days before his important gig. Dunno what the rules in Italy are, but in Germany if any person at this event was tested positive for Covid (and with that many people the chance isn't low...), everyone who was there would have to quarantine - which would mean no camera team / broadcasting staff could enter Mika's house on Saturday. I mean, if he can do it all with his Wifi and Andy on camera, fine, but I doubt it... Anyway maybe in Italy the rules are different. I'm surprised th
  14. Thanks for this info, I received my vouchers from ticketone but wouldn't have known that I need to request a cash reimbursement extra. 🙄 Good to know!
  15. Found this on IG, can't remember seeing these scenes so far:
  16. They're doing a press conference: Edit: Mika quote IG story by paolainwonderland (there's also a small video posted on XF Italia's IG stories, but I can't download videos on my phone)
  17. New IG story by Mika. Apparently he's in Milan, filming for Xfactor.
  18. Indeed. In a way I'm a bit sad that the "intimate gig" is getting so huge, because more guests means less Mika for us... but of course I know that this is not about us, it's a gig for Beirut and not primarily for his fans, and to reach the goal of collecting lots of money for that, it's the bigger, the better. And if it's anything like Stasera Casa Mika, I'm sure I'll love it. I hope a little bit though that he enjoys it enough to feel motivated to do it again with just him playing for his fans, I think even in a livestream it makes a difference whether it's a million people watch
  19. I'm kinda glad I donated early on, I must admit I'd feel a bit insignificant among all those high amounts with just a regular donation. But maybe it was on purpose that they waited with those, to avoid some fans thinking "my 10€ wouldn't make any difference, so I won't bother to donate", as of course every donation counts, no matter how small or big.
  20. More news: Remembering the livechat from the Me, Myself video premiere, I think we might have a hard time getting anything across on there as a fanaction. I hope Danna will be on quite early, otherwise the livechat will probably be full of "I love Danna Paola / where is she?" posts.
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