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  1. Happy wedding anniversary! :hug: 

    1. crazyaboutmika


      Thank you guys :hug:

      I don't really celebrate it but my husband almost remembered the date this year which is strange :lmfao:


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  2. Running some polls on my twitter all about podcasts, even if you don't follow me (and you don't have to!) it would mean a lot to get more votes!


    You can find the full thread here:




    I'll probably open a thread here in a week or two to discuss this further.


    Thanks 😊 

    1. crazyaboutmika


      Voted :thumb_yello:but the truth is I listen to podcasts when Mika is on them :teehee: and that was not an option :lmfao:

      Same applies for TV, radio and movies.

      I just started watching The Mandalorian just because Mika said he likes it. I do too. Not sure how to get to see the other episodes because I barely know how to use the TV as I turn it on only when Mika is on TV :lmfao:

      and the living room TV is complicated to turn on with several remote controls and The Mandalorian is on Disney ad on this is a temporary promotional offer. My husband was fooling around with the remote control and The Mandalorian first episode popped up on the screen.  Baby yoda is so cute :wub2:

      If Mika find him cute too he might end up wanting babies at some point :excite::lmfao:

  3. Happy Birthday :flowers2:



    1. crazyaboutmika


      Happy birthday Anilado 🎂🎁🌻😘🎉

      @silvercan I have a piece of this yummy chocolate cake please? :drool: 

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  4. I spent over an hour yesterday trying to choose the right colours of beads for my next rainbow project inspired by the Revelation Tour... :teehee: And this is the best I got. The order is on the way! :cheer:



  5. We should propose to Mika to do gigs like this 





    Although  I don't know if i  could bear to spend a long time inside the bubble because of my claustrophobia and I couldn't dance either :sweatdrop:

  6. Hi guys... Good Monday 

    1. crazyaboutmika


      Buona settimana Paoletta :huglove:

  7. logged in to my mfc account after almost 8 years what is up guys

    1. crazyaboutmika


      Hi :bye: and welcome back :wink2:

      We are still totally Mikaddicted and even more :mikalove:

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  8. Working on a new Mika fanart, still in progrees

    Hopefully it turns out good 😂


  9. We are still looking for some people to join our community on Discord. A community like Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter or WhatsApp. Discord has a lot of potential for communities, a platform that does more than many social media platforms. Opportunities to make phone calls with unlimited numbers of people, listen to music together, video chat together, watch videos or a movie together while talking to each other and much more. Feel free to stop by if I have aroused your interest. 🥰

    Entdecke die Wochenendrouten auf www.wirklichtolleseite.de..png

    1. crazyaboutmika


      I am trying to join but at first it didn't accept any password, then it accepted one but it got accepted before I had a chance to save it :doh: 

      Right now my phone memory is full but I will add an sd card soon and I will try to join again..

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  10. Hello i like your  profile pics :yes:

    1. crazyaboutmika


      Thank you Paoletta :huglove:


    Happy early summer to all by me.. warm dog GIF

  12. so what will happen to world tour? He will start X Factor

  13. so what will happen to world tour? He will start X Factor

    1. crazyaboutmika


      Right now touring is impossible. I don't know how long XFactor shooting will take but I'm also hoping Mika starts touring again as soon as it is safe to do so. :pray:

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  14. How to comfort your best friend who just lost her dad cos of this terrible virus... :tears:after 9 weeks of fighting against it... :sad:

    I can't believe it myself... it's so unreal

    1. crazyaboutmika


      I am so sorry to hear this :tears:  Lots of love, kisses and hugs to you and your friend :hug: :huglove: 

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  15. 7 years today. What a day!!








    1. crazyaboutmika


      Happy Mikanniversary to you 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

      I love that song :wub2:

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  16. Today it's three months since my first Mika gig... :cloud:


  17. Hey! It's been a while that I didn't post to my status.

    Here is goodnight post


  18. What is your guys new year goals?


    My new year goals are;

    • Collecting money
    • Loosing weight
    • Starting new hobbies
    • Reading more Sheakespeare!
    • Better studying and MORE MATH 

    I never make my goals but every year I hate thoughts loll, ofc everybody have



  19. hi my friend how are you i hope fine.. me fine . do you know the address for write to Mika?


    Good weekend see you

    1. crazyaboutmika


      I am sorry Paoletta, since Mika changed agent,  there is no more adress for fanmail :sad: We hope for one and if there is one Deb will share it.

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  20. Hd Mika picture addiction :bleh:




    1. crazyaboutmika


      Walking my dog at night as he's got a belly ache or something...thankfully the rain stopped and the stars are beautiful outside...and so are those Mikq photos :swoon:

      Thanks a lot for sharing :hug:

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  21. Interesting hahahahah  I think the song can have several meanings and this is one of them





    1. crazyaboutmika


      Awesome video :clap: It suits that song so well :thumb_yello:Nice find Alba :hi5:

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  22. Heart attack for a second


    Merhaba is turkish so 🥵

    1. crazyaboutmika


      I found it on Mikaitalia story that's all I know

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