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  1. Hahahha i was expecting a tutorial video hahaha oh well, we're all students forever right? Yes I prefer with a translation as I'm slowing learning from duolingo and YouTube and the internet!
  2. Van Gogh museum is such a must omg. and the light festival seems really cool!! I'll stay for around 5 days from Jan 12 to Jan 17th. Gotta see as much things as possible. dank je wel (is this how we say it haha?) I'd love to have some more!!!
  3. Hello Dutchies I'm a canadian fellow, and I'm travelling to Amsterdam in January. Would love to know the best touristic places of amsterdam, historically-wise and pop-culture wise. If there are any shows or concert or theatre that are primordial to watch also I'd be fun to know also. Will also try to learn a little bit of the language since I'm a language lover . Thank you!!
  4. Never mind I found the Dutch thread. I will delete this one so I don't confuse people, thanks anyway!
  5. Omg what a fail... I read Dutch I'm so sorry. I was actually about to go to Berlin but ended up cancelling last minute. Is there a Dutch thread somewhere?
  6. omg i should totally try the audios... if I ever have the time haha. About NuWho, isn't it going to be out in December 2016? It isn't that far if you think about it (hah. depending of perspective) That's the usual time of year where they air new episodes...
  7. It's Pearl Mackie!!! She seems SO COOL. She's pretty and reminds me a little of Rose. http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-36111598 Can't wait for some NuWho coming out.
  8. bumping this again, because oh my god his album is so good, it's on repeat since forever. I love him a lot. My new favorite.
  9. Hey I didn't translate the whole interview... This is the chunk that I thought was the most impacting. By the way, if the post is out of place, feel free to transpose it somewhere else, I'm not really familiar with the new system you guys have for threads and things. Interviewer: I know you are working with a producer that worked with Adele and Pharrell Williams, you never separate with that producer? M: Uh... Now we are separating a bit. *laughs very awkwardly* Like every love stories, and to me it was not a love story at all with him, but at times, things become complicated simply because we know each other too well. So now, at the moment, we are having a break. Interviewer: A little break... Maybe to reunite after? M: Uh... Now I don’t see that... *awkward laugh, awkward interview* Interviewer: I love your spontaneity... M: Yeah it’s true... I’m not hiding it, I can’t see a sequence [aka he can’t see himself work with him in the follow up], not now... But it’s fine, it’s more complicated the relations with people, our team, our musicians, our producers... It’s as complicated as marriage. Interviewer: And when there is marriage there might be a divorce. M: Yeah of course. nterviewer: *awkward laugh* M: *awkward silence*
  10. yeah I know obviously that's true. I mean I won't be whining about it because I can go on hours on why it didn't work out well. At least it looks good when you click on his profile on Twitter though. But let's be a little optimistic in this sea salt shall we?
  11. Wait... isn't the Sherlock special on on the 4th of January?
  12. I kind of agree with Make You Happy, but not much with Overrated. I think Overrated was the one that sounded the most orchestral (after Heroes or HE) because it had a modernist classical vibe to it that all the other ones didn't. It sounded a little like this song by Debussy (my classical mind is calling me). Listen to the ending, it sounds like the intro of Overrated a little... And in general, the chords are very similar to Overrated (hope you understand what I mean ). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yu4KObwynSc This spacey esthetic made this song so unique... I still think it's a shame that he didn't include it. But thank God he didn't skip Heroes 'cause now I would've been clearly mad.
  13. YAAS! Too happy. Thank you! Edit: still no Make You Happy (my personal favorite track). Still no Overrated. This song is so underrated (pun pun)
  14. Hello, got a question concerning the "private" icon when you sign in. Is it normal that it has disappeared ? If not, well mine did... Cheers, thanks in advance! x
  15. I can't wait to hear from all of you! I'm sure it was a crazy night for a lot of you! Get some sleep people - I'll need to hear from you all soon! How much were you from different countries at this one show? (like general estimation)
  16. Oh man, there's one without the rapper? (fingers crossed ) This song has potential! Like it's not my ultimate favorite but the chorus is awesome!
  17. Yeah it's my jam Even if I can't understand anything Fedez says, so thanks girls for the transcription! Btw, it's "love you so HARD that I could die".
  18. Lolololol you can't always have it all y'know... It'd be too good and too easy... You always need to lack of something just to make your job more challenging and more fun... Well... Fun... Anyways you understand me
  19. Aahahah, bene bene... E perché sei incasinata? Aohhh! Hai tanta fortuna per vedere Mika tante volte! Faccio il più possibile per andare ai concerti in Montreal, anche se è molto difficile per me di conciliare la mia vita di fan (geek e musicale) con la mia vita sociale e la mia vita universitaria... Ti capito completamente! Voglio conocerti anche! È sempre una gioia di incontrare nuovi fan, da tutte le parte del mondo! Ciao Si, studio la statistica più precisamente. Sono buona in Matematica e questo è perché ho deciso di studiare questa materia. Anche, ho buone fortune di trovare un lavoro con questo diploma... E non voglio mentire però... Mi piace un po' studiarlo. Buona fortuna per l'esame! Ti auguro di riuscire l'esame prima che io arrivo in Italia perché vai a aspettare molto (un anno lol) . E Promiseland è la mia canzone preferita del album anche!! Sono sicura che questo momento è stato magico durante il concerto!! x
  20. Ah si!!? Sei andata in Taormina?? o al Arena della Regina (quando M aveva cantato Promiseland )? Hai altri concerti (di M o altro) che arrivano prossimamente? E la tua famiglia? Sono divenuti fans di Mika? Hmmm... Ho visto Mika un mese fa oggi... Mi piace tanto andare ai suoi concerti!! Anche esco con le mie amiche, beviamo, parliamo e ci divertiamo! Studio matematica... ew. (Per l'università meh). Voglio andare in Italia l'anno prossimo per incontrare i fan italiani!!! Però non devo dimenticare il mio italiano. È la raggione perché voglio venire parlare con voi: per guardare la lingua, e per sapere anche ovviamente come ciascuno di voi va.
  21. Ciaooo!! Come va?? Grazie!! Hmm nah, faccio un programmo intenso a scuola... Niente di più! E per il Mika gig... La prossima volta che Mika verrà in Montreal, ci sarò!!! Eri in Montreal in Febbraio?? Al OSM??
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