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  1. Awww... Thank you so much darling! :huglove: I love having you as a close friend too :wub2: And I see you've posted that message at 10:15 pm :naughty: I WONDER WHAT TIME THAT IS.


  2. Awww so you didn't draw MGG at all? I would've loved to see your version of him :tears: I'm good! Only like two weeks of classes left! :yay: Oh also I pimped my body again and got a second nipple piercing :das: Ahahahah


  3. Oh I'm glad you bumped this thread dear, I've missed this place too! And yes you're correct, NZ legalized gay marriage not too long ago!
  4. Ahhahahah that picture! :lmao: I love how appropriate it is in so many different situations.

    You don't really have to help me :naughty: Thanks though! :huglove:

    How's your school been so far by the way? Did you finish the 10 drawings of your babe? :das:

  5. OH NOOOO I thought I replied to you! Sorry :aah:

    Sometimes a little hibernating is a good thing! I sure could do with some :naughty:

    If you wouldn't mind writing me a 10 page essay about how this course that I'm taking now helps me in my future profession... that'd be great :pinkbow::aah:

    Here, have some MGG :das:




  6. I'm glad to hear you're good! :huglove: Any plans for your holidays? I wish I was on a few days off too :tears: I've been swamped with schoolwork lately and it doesn't show signs of stopping til the beginning of June or so...

  7. HEY GURL! :das: What's up?

  8. I hate being so skeptical and I know people are going to tell me to have some faith in all of this, but how much is Mika really going to be allowed to bring uniqueness to the show? What Rose said about Simon Cowell stands correct. They're not looking for someone who'll reinvent the wheel. They're looking for people who have the potential to become selling artists, not people who they can sign to an indie record label. Surely enough, the pop world has its oddities like Lady Gaga but even her success is largely due to the fact that she's managed to brand herself successfully. If you take away her odd stage props etc what do you have left? A great singer with somewhat conventional pop songs. In my opinion all of Mika's songs aren't ones that would appeal to the general public like Lady Gaga's. His uniqueness is in his sound and you can't strip that away like a meat dress. And that's why I don't completely understand his decision of being a part of this. No offense to Lady Gaga fans, I like her too.
  9. Count me in on this one. This is exactly what my problem with MFC has been for a while. I mean I haven't been here for very long at all and maybe it's been like this long before I registered - I wouldn't know what MFC was like at the beginning. Maybe I've only noticed it recently because my honeymoon with the place is over. But it annoys me that I get called a bad fan because I don't agree with everything Mika does or worship the ground beneath him. And honestly, anyone who never questions the choices of their idols are out of their mind. They remind me of some crazy cult who allow themselves to be lead anywhere just because their "leader" says so. +1. I agree and disagree with you, honey. I mean we became fans roughly at the same time so I know what you mean by having anything to hear from Mika being exciting. But at the same time, the examples you mentioned have something to do with his music. I don't mind him having small projects but I just wish they had something to do with his actual profession. And I'm not referring only to this X Factor nonsense, I wasn't happy about his Belgian clothing collection either. These things take time from a new album and tour. Someone mentioned that Mika shouldn't be viewed as a thing that produces music and I completely agree - I do like knowing something about the person behind the music. But at the same time, isn't his music what we're here for? At the end of the day that's all that matters. Yes and wasn't that fabulous! Now, like so many others have said, he's doing the exact opposite of what he used to preach about with that song and that is what disappoints me. Mika once said he made alternative pop music and I loved him for saying that. It just seemed like the perfect way of describing his music. Now he's getting assocciated with something completely different that aims to producing calculated, formulated pop stars that all sound alike.
  10. I've finally seen the season 3 finale and I can post here About season 3: ... And on a totally unrelated note, who ~doesn't~ love Daryl?
  11. My thoughts exactly! I started watching the show in January, I think, and I'm ~almost~ caught up with all the episodes. The last one I watched was 8x13. Kiva nähdä lisää suomalaisia täällä Tuittu!
  12. Happy birthday dear! :huglove: :huglove: :huglove:



  13. :lmfao: I found this some time ago from Facebook - I can't remember the page or who made it but it's not mine.
  14. Oh so you're the Tamagotchi tweeter - that was hilarious! I think I've seen your tweets on my feed earlier too but I never knew if you were on MFC or not. Hope to see you around here!
  15. I thought so too! Shame it was such a short snippet. I hope they release an official single soon!
  16. Thanks for posting this here - I saw it on Facebook but forgot to actually watch the video. What a teaser though! I'm really curious about this album, I can't wait for June.
  17. Aww shiz! I don't know if I'll be around by that time, I've got an early morning tomorrow :tears:

  18. ER MAH GERD you're online! Chat in 20 mins?

  19. OH EM GEE you're still online! Come to chat? Pretty please :huglove:

  20. Nas :huglove:

    I know! :( I was about to suggest some Skype time to you last weekend but I was a bit under the weather. What are you up to on Saturday? Maybe we could have a chat then?

    Interning's treating me very well but keeping me hella busy, too! I'm kind of eager for it to end already. :aah:

    How've you been baby girl? :huglove:

  21. So did you draw him? :das: Sorry I've been really busy with school this week, I haven't been to MFC pretty much at all. :aah: And yeah I've seen some of his baby pics, he's adorable in them! :wub2:

    Oh yes, the word "mercado" should've been enough of a hint to realise that it's like a shopping centre :doh: I love those pictures!

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