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  1. Oh, then I'm relieved that it's not just me who hasn't planned the trip yet. Maybe I should try out my teleporter. 🤔
  2. Oh, my brain is working all the time. Not only good things come out of it. Yes, parking is the problem. I have to plan everything in August at the latest. After all, I don't want to sleep on the street and it's even forbidden to sleep in the car in Paris.
  3. Believe me, I would like to have only one choice. I know why I haven't planned anything yet, because it will take me HOURS to plan everything. I know what I want to wear (that's more important than planning the trip and accommodation, of course ), but I haven't done anything else yet. I haven't looked where the concert takes place and I haven't looked at any accommodation yet. I am probably the person in this thread who has planned the least so far. I know why I clarified what I was going to wear first, because it doesn't take me that much time. The possibilities I have: fly: flight time Zurich-Paris, about 1 hour and 20 minutes, depends on which airline I take + 2 hours 42 minutes to the airport if I take public transport, just under 2 hours if I take the car to get there, which I would then have to park somewhere where the parking spaces are not extremely overpriced. 🤔 train: about 2 hours 15 minutes to Zurich main station by public transport, if I take the car I have about 1 hour 45 minutes, which I would then also have to park somewhere. With the fastest train (TGV), it takes me about 4 hours from Zurich to Paris (admittedly not bad for about 600 km [about 372 miles]. bus: I haven't looked, but maybe there is. That might also be an option. 🤔 car: If I drive around all the toll booths, I have about 10 hours of driving, if I don't do that, about 8 hours. I drove around all the toll stations once and really had about 10 hours (I only refuelled, otherwise I didn't take any breaks). But I did manage to drive into a speed trap, even though I took good care not to speed. I looked at the speedometer when I was flashed and I was going exactly the right speed. In 2018, the maximum speed limit for rural roads was reduced from 90 km to 80 km, but the speed table has not yet been changed. Yes, you may laugh. Complaining probably wouldn't have done any good, which is why I didn't do it. But I think it was still cheaper than if I had taken the direct route and I might have driven into a speed trap too. And if you're thinking: They won't send the fine because I live in Switzerland and not in France and Switzerland isn't even in the EU, forget it. Maybe that was the case earlier, but not for a long time. A friend of mine had already received a fine from Germany for speeding, so I expected the fine to arrive in my letterbox at some point, and it did. bike: Ok, not really an option, but without breaks I would need 41 hours. by foot: I would have to be really desperate to do that. My feeling was that it would take me months. But no, that's not true. I would need exactly 6 days. But if I were to go 24 hours a day without sleeping, which no human being can do. So far, the car is actually my favourite, but I would still have to work out the cost of all modes of transport and the cost of petrol has also gone up quite a bit since the pandemic. But if I took the car, I would need a parking space in Paris, which makes it more difficult to find accommodation. If I take the accommodation and then look for a parking space somewhere else, but walking around alone at night is not such a good idea either. Do I buy a day ticket for public transport all over Paris and take an accommodation a bit further from the concert venue or do I take an accommodation that is close by and no day ticket. But there will probably be meetings with the MFC anyway and then a day ticket might not be so bad after all. 🤔 You see, I am.
  4. I have about one fly in my flat. I have decided to let it live. It is only a fly, but it also has the right to live. :yes:


    So far so good. Then when I went to bed, it started buzzing around my head. This went on for half the night and also in the morning. What is this? After all, she's not a dog and doesn't have to warn me about anything! :overreact:

    What have I done to deserve this? That's neither nice nor fair! :no:


    1. Starlight


      Poor you... it's not okay...

    2. Prisca


      I agree, that's not a nice fly. :no:


      But I have to admit that there are worse things in life. And next night I hope I can sleep better. :original:

    3. Mikasister
  5. Yeah, same here, I'm afraid I can't send you the summer. I can't remember ever having experienced such a rainy July.
  6. He looks tired again, but clearly more active than yesterday. Maybe the new tactic to avoid falling asleep on the moped. I guess he doesn't need my coffee today. He probably drank it today before I could offer it. It's good that you listen to me and drink your coffee before you get on the moped.
  7. Why? Where did you think they would stop? Part 3 follows tonight.
  8. You have something to looking forward to. Part 2 follows tonight.
  9. I guess I will be able to sit still. Unless someone makes me laugh. When Mika e.g. says something about sticking out the tongue, I fear I will have a lot of trouble controlling myself.
  10. After last time somebody was sent to the NC, the Butterfly Lounge thread was created. Not such a bad thing. * Maybe this time also something great will happen. * Dont worry, you don't get fat looking at photos with food and you don't become an alcoholic looking at photos with alcohol.
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