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Glastonbury - Hen Party Pics

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Hi all,


Sorry if these have been posted already; did a quick search, but since I'm technically supposed to be working, I can't really do an elaborate search :( The original link is here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/glastonbury/2007/radio1/saturday/15.shtml#photo



Mika is in charge of Fiona's hen do - he starts off by showing off his muddy wellies!



These cocktails are boring, we need something to make this hen do more rock and roll!



Yay! Let's go roller skating at the disco!



Now it's a proper hen do with L plates and everything - thank you Mika!

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Does anyone else think that Mika's hair looks absolutely amazing? I think I like it better shorter than long after seeing these pics! :)


i agree!! while i love his hair no matter which way he wears it, i must say i like it best when it's a bit shorter :mf_lustslow:


god he seems like such an awsome person to just hang out with!


never a dull moment with mika :thumb_yello:

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can anybody explain to me whats going on in these pics...whos Fiona?


Okay so I might be misled, but from what I understand there was some kind of contest to win the opportunity to be married at last weekend's Glastonbury music festival. And I further understand that Mika was lined up to plan the winner's hen party (AKA "stagette" or "bachelorette party" in North-America-speak). Methinks this Fiona lass was said winner.


Anyone got more info (or corrections if I'm on the wrong track?)

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ha ha where are the other hens if YOU got the chance to have Mika for the night under the guise of a hen party would YOU share him with 30 other half drunken females....:blink::blink: I think NOT :naughty:



great pix btw and lucky lady tho not THAT lucky as it aint our MIka she is marrying mwahahah ....aww shame :angel_not:

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