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If Mika was just walking down the street...


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Im not sure if there is a thread like this floating around already But seriously if mika was walking down the street i would only probably be able to manage a hello and smile ....then go into a fit of girlish type giggling fit :roftl: :roftl:

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What would you do?


if i met mika in the streets i would prob faint coz i love him so much he is gorgus i would marry him in a split second if i had the chance.:mf_lustslow:

when i recover if he was still there i would give him a huge hug and a big kiss :bleh:

if only i had the chance xlolx

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Honestly, I've found I'm much shyer around celebrities in real life than I am in my imagination. (It's happened before.:naughty: )


If I had a camera, I would probably walk up and say "Mika? Can we take a picture?"


And if I didn't have a camera, and he was just walking around like a normal person (not at an event or anything), I would probably just smile, and say "Hey Mika, it's so neat meeting you!" Then probably scurry away.:blush-anim-cl:

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i have met him while walking down the street:naughty:





Anyways, I would stare first, then I would scream, then everybody would look at me and I would run up to him, poke him and run back. Then I'll dig a tunnel and kidnap him and I'll dress him up like a hamster and then we're going to do the Hamsterdance:punk:




Who wants to join us?:biggrin2:

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