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Ideas On Mika's Next Album - Name


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Whatever it is, I am sure it will be perfect


I wonder who it is that makes up the title? Is it the artist that has full control, or their managers or record company?


I would think the record company likes to have its say, but it seems like Mika gets his way in these creative matters. Given the 5 million+ sales of LICM I think he's going to have more creative license than ever this time around.

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Well, before I heard of Mika, I created an album on facebook called "Life as a Graphic Novel," which contained stylized, edited, color-brightened photos made to look like comic book panels to reflect life the way I tend to see it in my head as I live it rather than how it tends to be perceived on the outside.


So, I guess I'll see what my next album will be called, and try to find another way to phrase it. :-P


Ie, I have no idea.



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(well as we heard some of the tracks....I think it would be a bit more emotional, and not too disco-like)


So my idea....:


Life In E-Motion :lol3:


Okay...just joking...

I dunno....hm....

I don't know!!!!

But a really good thread Leonardo!You made me thinking!I'll write as soon as I can come up with some ideas!!!:)



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mm.. no ideas... Well as it was Life... then I guess next could be "Death in Cartoon Motion"???? :blink: Maybe with some dark characters... :boxed:


Afterlife In Cartoon Motion perhaps :blink: Or simply After Life In Cartoon Motion :doh:

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