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The Australian Thread: Seventh Heaven

Rainbow Sky

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The Aussie Mikamites official logo:







The Aussie Mikamites are proudly sponsored by: MIKACARD








Team Mascot and hero: RAFFA

Theme song: Destiny’s Childs “Survivor”







Welcome to our home.


Please... come in...


As you walk through the hallways you will see that the walls are adorned with various photos of Mika, Mikamite family photos and various other paraphernalia. We take pride in our extensive Mika collection.




We have a lovely seating and entertainment area equipped with butterfly lounges and beanbags, where you can sit, relax and have a chat with friends.




This room is filled with glitter (shot from two large glitter cannons). This room is designed specifically for those who simply wish to roll around in glitter. Remember: Glitter makes everything better.

Bubbles provided by Happikali’s goat.




Like every good Aussie household, we have a Pool Room. However, since we are particularly thpethial... we have an actual pool table (the deluxe Prince model).




The Healing & Recuperation Centre is for those not feeling well. In this sanctuary they may get much needed rest.

Healing services are available and provided by the Aussie Medicine Woman who has a vast array of healing substances. These include scorpion and snake venom; eye of koala; tooth of croc. Other specimens and medicines are strictly top secret.




Those who are misbehaving will be banished to the cat pee corner for an indefinite period.




As the name suggests, this is a special built, custom made padded room which is used in extreme situations only.




Details of the contents and the exact reason for the dungeon have never been revealed. There have been various sightings of certain persons enclosed in the dungeon, but who can say whether this is fact or fiction?




Leads directly to the Butterfly Bar and back. For those who wish to make a more interesting entrance. Because doors are so boring.




As you walk outside you will find Happikali’s verandah (with a view to the Australian bush). This is THE place to be. Many any excellent night has been had on the verandah. This is officially the number one best gig site in Australia.

Use of the poles is permitted on special occasions only.

Rumour has it Mika will play an exclusive gig here during his tour of Oz.



You will see parked in the driveway a bright pink bus with one large Converse Hi-Top shoe attached to it’s roof. This bus is the Mikamites mode of transport, and will be used during the Aussie Mikamites Dream Tour of Oz.











Happikali’s goat.

A star in her own right. Can often be seen touring the world with Mika. Has her own manager.

Is famous for making bubbles using her rear end. Looks FAB in a pair of braces.








Camel Extraordinaire (and a bit of a princess). Beloved pet and best friend of Rainbow Sky.

His hump is an esky for storing beer and other beverages.

Dreams of being a movie star one day. Has modelled with Hugh Jackman, and starred in short film Jewel Of The Sahara with Gerard Butler.

Is available for rides at parties. Please phone Rainbow Sky for details.



Beware of bringing other animals onto the property.

Happikali may string them up without notice and use them for her jewellery making business.





There are two adjoining restaurants on our property:







Where the only thing on the menu is diet coke and a pizza please.







Visit Subway for a never-ending supply of Mika cookies. Special points are awarded to those who film their purchases and put their video on You Tube.







#1. Rainbow Sky

#2. happikali

#3. FlamingoCrumbles

#4. Dangerous Kat

#5. Blue Sky

#6. Marty

#7. nagnoo94

#8. Michelle 2

#9. celticjules

#10. soangel

#11. born4mika

#12. nico collard

#13. deconstruction

#14. Scut Monkey

#15. Black Milk

#16. S2_redshiftlove

#17. Jolene

#18. mouselle

#19. PamRam

#20. Walzing Matilda

#21. Cranberries

#22. Pamelalala

#23. Emily 4 mika

#24. Mika is so sxc

#25. mollydog

#26. sweet-dreams

#27. wooden_sox

#28. lyraucia

#29. babyblue

#30. ZoZo The Terrible

#31. kristy5188

#32. Kelzy

#33. pinkoranges

#34. armande

#35. themetalmunchkin

#36. afazza

#37. MeekoInkah

#38. quatzxice

#39. chickadee

#40. Sweet Knees

#41. Aaurora

#42. senyorita12003

#43. Ju-Ju Lea

#44. M!Ka RoX mY sOx

#45. Minda

#46 Oakie Doke

#47. kobiiiii

#48. Kateus

#49. mikas #1 fan

#50. riverbasil



#1. FreddiesDouble

#2. Steph

#3. helen

#4. LeighHodgson (my supplier)

#5. Wendi

#6. RosinaKiwi

#7. greta

#8. Mika4Life13

#9. artsyfartsy17




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Don't head off until 16 Jan, so am hoping the weather is nicer then!


We have 40 degrees here tomorrow, with possible blackouts as there is not enough electricity :shocked: Will have to head to a shopping centre if that happens.


And I have to go to Darwin next Monday and it is really hot and humid there at the moment :thumbdown:


Right, everyone get voting- we are lagging behind at the moment!!!




Jolene... why is it that everytime I hear shopping I think of you?


ohhhhhhh gunna play in wodonga hell yes!!!!!!!!!!!


Thaqt was the best bit for me!


Actually, good night all, as I'm off to bed as well. Sweet Dreams.... Oh, forgot to mention. I finally saw my Mika DVD yesterday. Well, most of it. I have a question tho... The Big Girls clip is different to the one I downloaded from YouTube when I first heard about Mika. Is this all quite well known and I'm just not up with it or what? I mean, it's the same day's filming and all, but edited differently and with some different shots. I thought I was imagining it at first but I'm pretty sure I'm not as Cherisse is not in the one I got off YouTube and she is in the one on the DVD. Can someone enlighten me?


(I'll have to catch up with answers tomorrow.... G'night!)


Yeah, they changed it... I didn't think there was anything wrong with hte original one.. not that it's my fave anyway...


OMG!! you're like machines!!

you rock aussies!!

sorry for coming here without an invitation, i just wanted to say that lol!


Machines we are! :naughty:


You are more than welcome to visit!


I know an aussie but i'm not sure she is in here she's Emz-Mika-Luva, she actually called me today!


I see her around occasionally... she doesn't often come in here...




I just have to say... I love RBSKY's sig... just seeing Gerard Butler everytime makes me get a big stupid grin! :biggrin2:

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You all suck

Closing the thread while I was looking for mqs



I'll be back when I do it all by copying and pasting :naughty:


!!!!! *hugs you then MSN slaps you*


I've missed ya and I couldn't figure out why you hadn't been online until I realized that you were gone for the new year. :bleh:

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Okay everyone I'm back. Happy New years, this will be a long post because I have a whole week to comment on (and of course I have to comment, I chat far too much)


Woohoo number 45!


Thanks Rainbow Sky!


Oh and Cash Cab is over now :( I'm watching Whose Line Is It Anyway now... Wayne Brady is a comic GENIUS!


Love Cash cab and whose line. The American Version kicks arse over the british

BTW hi, haven't chatted much with you

*sigh* How I wish I had pay TV. I've asked my parents to get it countless times, but they always say no.


Glad my dad gets it (cos the brothers nag him) not that I really watch it too much


He he I'm posting all over the place too coz I don't start work til 5 and don't know what to do with myself...


I've been watching tv all morning and will probably take a break for lunch when Scrubs finishes at 2. I'm such a couch potato - I'm curled up on the lounge with my laptop and a blankie and a packet of chips :


Love Scrubs, have to buy more of the box sets. And love being a couch potato, thats my plan for the next week (apart from work)




OMG Ryan and Colin!


Clown shoes and bald Canadian man... ha ha ha those jokes never get old!


Ryan and Colin are great together. I love how Colin always has to play the woman. Poor Colin


no its good info coz it means ppl that are pale are gunna look way better in yrs to come than ppl who are tanned "coz tans arent healthy"


*glances at arms etc*

uh oh. Not my fault (well it is kind of) spent a week in the sun and did apply sunscreen (except for driving up there, and boy do I now have a killer drivers tan, was nice and burnt for a while)


I am a few shades darker than I was, thanks to beach and sun and weather.





The funny thing is Vanilla Ice is actually playing a nightclub in Perth on Sunday night- am tempted to go just to watch the trainwreck

My friends and I were saying we wanted to be on the Gold Coast for New years simply to go to his concert :naughty:


:You should go!!

I have a friend who loves Ice Ice Baby.. still.. lol!!



Ice Ice Maybe (don't ask, I still dont get it, but some guy graffitied it onto the side of his forby over new years. It was funny at the time.


Btw love bon jovi



I might just go sit outside the Sydney Myer music bowl and cry into my Thickshake and cheeseburger..

Can I join you?


I love Guitar Heroes as well but I am pretty bad at it! Singstar is more my thing - I'm waiting for a Singstar with Grace Kelly on it!!


I love singstar so much. Need more




I'm SO NOT buying it.. *cut to me buying multiple copies on day of release*

*films, sells and watches dc buy multiple copies of footage of himself*


I was born at the start of '88. Me and Soangel have calculated that I was born precisely when she was conceived.


*quotes Calvin Harris*

Thats right, we did. Good calculation, not creepy at all

*starts huming AIT80s* So glad I was born in the 80s



I honestly have no idea what your referring to there, but have you seen all the "made in the 80's" shirts that are popping up now, especially in JayJays? They kind of creep me out ... Every time you wear that shirt a horrific mental image would pop up...

I want one of those shirts (mental imagery aside)


Oh, Patrick.....*sigh* :

Mmm Patrick *drools*


My first celebrity crush is still my strongest...


Johnny Depp *drools again* He is a brilliant actor, I love him


YES!!! The fly eye vid!! Oh that accent of his And I swear, if he weren't in music, the guy would have a bright future in comedy.



I agree.... the man is genuis


And it's all good, gals. If not for Mika, I'd have never heard of Calvin either.


*thinks back to that magical day when she listened to Mika guest-DJing on Radio1 and he played Calvin Harris twice*

Same here


Oh god, did anyone collect Sabrina's Secrets? I have the whole collection...::


I collected the first one, then decided they were shiite and overpriced (and so just went and read my friends :naughty:)


I will not publicly own up to that. Nor to a Baby Sitters Club collection (including the Super Specials) nor to almost the entire Sweet Valley Twins, SV Junior High, SV University, SV High, and SV Senior Year collection.



*denies being an avid reader of all those as well*







Oh, SV high was one of my favorites as was Babysitters Club and Trixie Beldon (that one is pretty old!)



I used to love trixie beldon. Had most of the books, then started getting rid of them. A few were released the year I was born


Maybe it was the crazy fans :


Why would it be the crazy fans *insert rosetinted smilie I dont have room for*


Especially considering that he said it's something that he said he's in no hurry to complete, by axing us for it he basically lied.


*points to him and chants lier lier pants on fire*


Sorry, a bit juvenilie today. I blame,..... well something. I'll think of something to blame soon


By 'Mika' I don't mean just the man but the whole franchise and team. It's painfully clear that he doesn't have as much control as he thinks.

I vary between the two. When its adoration its Mika, when its cancellations it the franchise




Just out of interest, has anyone heard (most likely on Triple J) the song called 'I'll Kill Her' by a French girl called Soko? I love it!



I love I'll Kill her.





Aunty Kelz and I just worked on this for a while..


Love Tuh Day :biggrin2:

*cut for space*


I love it..... genuis





Good point... besides, it's in Aussie men's blood to dress up in women's clothing...




Some alcohol may or may not have been consumed on soangel's part last night... and mine on Friday...

Yes Men in womens clothing is a tradition (practically if alcohol is involved)

And yes alcohol may have been involved on Saturday


Winner of longest multi post maybe???


Yeah, until I post this that is


I still haven't gotten rid of my ticket.. I know of a few friends that might go so perhaps if I knew how many Melbourne tix there are to get rid off I can ask them.. HK how many did you buy?? I might offer mine for $110.. tempt them with a bargain..

Mine is still to be gotten rid of too, if you find someone who wants it


The cleavage war?


Wow.... so innocent to have not heard of it



:biggrin2: Hiya Artsy ......... :naughty: ... well, judging by our recent Verandah experience ........ I truly believe Soy is un-contended !!!!:


*does a pre emptitive victory dance*


It's complete and utter madness....and Mika started it all. Haven't you seen where his eyes are in Soangel's avvie?


Soy and I are bra twins, equally endowed; she's just a master of presentation. I'll have to beat her at her own game.


*tugs on tight shirt and cuts the neckline to barely decent proportions*


Ah yes bra twins/triplets. The secret handshake for that could be awkward.


*glances at top* You may have some trouble beating me presentation wise :wink2:


I'm actually a November '88 baby - so I have just under two years to destroy that tape!!


Oh, when in November? I'm late October, so I'm not much older than you


Soy and I are the same so we're bra triplets? That's as long as I don't lose the (tonne of) weight I've gained since I've come to Morocco.



*lo 5s Artsy and Scut*







Oh yes... it will be mega difficult to beat her... but she needs to swing FD and/or Scut... she may already have Mika's vote... :

I think I can swing them


I know what you mean... people must be having... *gulp* Real lives...

*hangs head in shame for having a real life*




ok... :*remembers Bec mouthing everyone's lines* :



You're not going to let me forget it, are you? *insert naughty smilie I dont have room for*

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Hehe, that just reminded me of a msg I got from soangel... she walked through a closed screen door and broke it...


Whle completly sober in broad daylight. Someone else ripped it by doing the same thing, but they were drunk and it was night. I just have mad skills


Bec sent me that one too :roftl:

Let's start some gossip about Mika to send her.. she can't check that we are lying

Let's say Freddie bumped into him and Mika invited him out with his Posse for NYE

or something worse *insert finger to lip msn smiley*


You guys suck so much for that


So I should expect a "WTF?!" msg from Bec sometime tomorrow then...




You got it too


God, yes. So dull.


Because I wasn't here of course



) ...... but I have only read the last few pages ... tho' the way my night is going, I may well have the time to read the whole lot ... :

I plan to read it all, somehow. Why do the interesting threads start when I;m away.




So is my laptop! I'm sneakily using my brother's computer while he is at some form of celebration. I hope I don't have to send it off to get fixed ... one day without it has been torture enough, thanks.




I've gone a week without the laptop, and now I'm still without it.... it died, power supply problem, I'm hoping its the cord. Will swap meet it sometime to see.



Happy Mika wishes for this year. Any New Year's resolutions anyone? One of mine would be give up chocolate, but I broke that already considering I was eating chocolate whilst watching the fireworks.



i have a few resolutions they are:

1) stop swearing

2) become fit and stay fit

3) eat healtheir

4) stop drinking alcohol

5) no junk food /fast food

6) save money and stop wasting money


You shouldn't have any resolutions which have stop, lose or give up i them, because they are negative words and you'll just break the,. Instead of give up chocolate you should have eat healthier etc (I read it in a magazine)


Mine are to stay in contact with old friends, manage my money better (instead of stop wasting money), to feel healthier (instead of lose weight) and to study more.

Hehe... I love how it's my room now...


Yep... it's my room where I slept with Bec and Kelz...



Makes it my room to *pouts over Teegs owning room*




Completely buggered to be honest... but not hungover! :

How are you?



I really don't like the new banner... I don't like the pic, but as per usual I seem to be in the minority...

Yay for not hungover... that was me (okay so I felt seedy as when I woke up at 6am, boiling hot, but I went outside and sat in the shade reading my book away from the alcohol smelling lounge (mostly the bucket of death aka uni bum drink aka goon punch, which smelt the worst) and then brought garbo bags and cleaned up. Was all good after my rest outside




I sms'd her and told her it was a joke.. then I told her Mika and Cherisse were seen getting cosy in a London nightclub. Now Scut's been pretending to be a jealous GF of a guy Soy met on New years eve.. (nothing happened though - she's a good girl) we're evil


I am a good girl. And you and your messages all suck. I hate you all (or would if I could)



wow! p7!!!

i think you can carry over mq's between threads soangel


Yeah you can, but I hadn't finished reading, so had to copy and paste the rest



2 parts.... oh yeah, thats what a week away does to me

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!!!!! *hugs you then MSN slaps you*


I've missed ya and I couldn't figure out why you hadn't been online until I realized that you were gone for the new year. :bleh:

Yes I was away, and now Im catching up *groans and considers catchin up in other threads*


But I'm home now... laptopless but home

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