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omg.. new threads pages layout..?


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wow.. I suspected there must be smt going on with the database being unavailable all the time.. :shocked:


are you changing the forum looks, admin and mods..? :blink:


looks good. I need a little to settle in the new looks, but seems fine to me..

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Top Posters In This Topic

hi guys. Yes, we are making changes. Sorry for the down time.


Site will be on and off over the next few days as well, especially the next 2 hours.




Dont make changes D

I love the mfc just how it is, curves and all :P

And with the site down - we wont make 1,000,000 in time for the big day.

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Sorry, but i don´t like it. It´s confusing the new place of the location and the buttons, 9 threads per page, you can´t see how many pages the threads have...i´m sure it´s only provisional and you´re still working on it but these were my 2 cents :thumb_yello:

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