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The No-D Team Thread


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This thread has morphed into posting pics of Mika and anything else really. Unlike the Mikagasmic pics thread this is more free flowing so chat all you want.


Like everywhere else on the site, please refrain from posting private pics of Mika and his family.




Go nuts girls! (someone pointed out the pun here, not intended I swear!)





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Omg. What does the "D" stand for? Am I overthinking again? Because then it must be a very obvious word. I haven't been on the forum all morning and I know how fast it can go around here...:naughty:

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I seem to remember that Kata and I seemed to think that there was evidence here.




We paused and freezed the recording many times and I think we concluded there was something there.


But really, if we have to look so hard, even if there is something, what does that tell us.


Or maybe as sariflor says, showers, not growers. Or was it the other way round?:mf_rosetinted:

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