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Here's a little clip of the sound check that me and Laura stumbled in on :thumb_yello: You can't really see much on the camera because it looks much further away. He had nice floppy, big, windswept looking hair during the SC :blush-anim-cl:




It's only short but I was too cold to film, plus it was raining and my camera was going to get wet.

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ok, not sure what is what, and as I said the videos won't be great due to my endless moving plus not videoing everything that I thought I was, and then my memory ran out and I had to change it...arrgg but here are a few:












At least it gives you an idea of how it was. And wtf is happening to my fonts???:roftl:





I will try and put them up on youtube or myspace later.

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:shocked: did.. did I open this thread..? :shocked: it must have been my other personality... bad, bad karumomika... :sneaky2: cause this identity wasn't even aware of it... :blink::naughty:






thx, deb. :wink2:


You have powers you aren't even aware of, avoca! :naughty:



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A short video of the beginning of Grace Kelly...


All my videos are pretty short...except for one of Relax and the beginning of SITM. The photographers in front of us made it sooo hard to film..especially ince we had to zoom a lot to do it.




Thanks :thumb_yello: You're so Lucky that you were there. Wish I could have been there.

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