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The July 2008 Thanks and Feedback Thread


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Sooo...July has come and gone, and what did we get? 14 awesome shows, 18 awesome video blogs, and a whole bunch of written blogs.


So I thought it might be fitting for a thread where we could look back on July, and talk about what we liked, what we didn't like, and maybe let Mika know some of the things he's done that we've appreciated. :wub2:


(For you not-so-sappy types, feel free to reflect on things that you didn't like, too - the good with the bad, and all that!)


From my perspective over here in Canada-land, here's my reflections on July. I'm one of the poor saps who only got to experience these gigs via the magic of the Internet, but anyhow, my thoughts...


The new circus theme


While enormous, the stage setup for the Paris show looked amazing! Again, I wasn't there to see it live, but from pics and vids it looks like it was quite the stage indeed. I also though the hand balancers, clowns, jugglers etc. were pretty freakin' cool. A Mika circus - I think that's a pretty cool idea. :thumb_yello:


Although, I think the majority of us hope that 55,000-person gigs aren't the norm. Stadium shows provide opportunities to do amazing new things on stage, for sure, but there's also something to be said about smaller venues where there are no truly awful seats.


New song, new cover


The cover of "Just Can't Get Enough" is a good'un! I also liked the fact that he did it topless at Rock Werchter - but not for the reasons you might think, haha. Mika sporting jeans, weilding a tambourine, running around a festival stage was just so summery. Loved it.


As for Rain - a marmite song, no? Some of us love it, some of us hate it. I, for one, think it's great - and it makes me really eager to hear the next album. I do think the chorus is more about Mika's vocal gymnastics than it is about deep and insightful lyrics, and it totally works for me. :biggrin2:


David and Samantha


Not having seen the shows live, I think this is probably one of the hardest areas to comment on; it's hard to get a sense of a performer until you've seen him or her on stage in front of you, I think. That said, I think it's a good idea to have a second backing singer - apart from providing backing vocals I find they often give the audience another person to focus on when Mika's on the other side of a ginormous stage. So kudos there.


Blogs, pics, video blogs


This is the part where I have to gush a little. It wasn't so long ago that some people were starting to feel a bit bitter - me included! - about the fact that new blogs were only ever posted on Mika's MySpace suggesting we buy something or vote somewhere. One lonley blog from a February '07 San Francisco hotel room seemed almost a testament to a guy whose career had taken off like lightning, leaving the idea of communicating with fans in the dust.


Then July comes and whoa! Video blogs! Who would have thought Mika would show us footage of his band rehearsing a new dance, or ironing out a performance of Les Champs-Élysées? Not to mention hanging out on a catamaran, experiencing the slimy waters of the Dead Sea, or swiping Yasmine's sunglasses?


Combine that with the written blogs - talking about the gigs, how great the Beirut show was, sharing his artistic interests and his cheeky skillz at trying to blag free clothes, I for one am blown away.


No, he hasn't moved heaven and earth or anything, but I do appreciate the effort he's made. It's far, far more than I ever would have expected. I'm sure he'll take a holiday at some point and we'll miss his daily updates, but I really hope he does keep up the blogs to some extent. It's a great way to use technology to keep in touch with the people who think he's some kind of awesome. :wub2:


So that's my long, drawn out and slightly mushy review of July 2008 - anyone else have any thank-yous, ideas, thoughts, feedback? :wink2:

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July .. what a month ..


My first Mika-gig.. Werchter .. :wub2:

I'm still not over it :roftl: he was (and looked) soooo good!


And then Amsterdam .. a real show .. it was something special with all the clowns and stuff and meeting other mfc-ers. Had so much fun. The backstage-thing with Sariflor.. :wub2:


Loved all the blogs & videos, it's amazing he spends his time doing that so we can enjoy things from his point of view and see things we maybe will never see in real life ..


What else?

Really, really love the new cover .. In Werchter it was so .. well, you know :blush-anim-cl::wub2:

Rain .. I think I love it .. some days more than others, but hey .. you can't have it all :roftl:


The new band members ..

Samantha is good, really good ..

David I don't know, couldn't see him at Werchter (except for that little dance-thingy :naughty:) and Amsterdam so I can't say anything about that ..


Think that's it .. I'm so glad I have had the chance to go to 2 gigs .. and Werchter will always be special to me, even though it was 'just a festival' .. it rocked .. Mika rocked ..

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July was my birthday month and Mika definitely made it a happy one! :wub2: I am so ecstatic and impressed that he made such a tremendous effort to keep in touch with all of us (when i say "us" i don't mean mean the MFC, I mean his entire fanbase). It was really special, and we got an insight to what he does practically everyday.


Was also nice to see his artistic interests :original:


I loved the video blogs, but I think I preferred the written ones personally! Probably only because my computer is really slow and youtube runs like a snail, but still. (i do have my favourite video blogs though lol).


well anyway, Mika is fantastic, END OF.







Thanks so much.


x x x x x x x x x x


PS: I also hope that not ALL his gigs are gonna be stadium based! I mean, I'm sure it's amazing but so are small gigs! Don't forget those Mika!

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Indeed, it was a great month!!


Though all I did was sitting in front of the computer whenever I could (my brother is ....arrrrrghhhhhhhh) I feel like I have missed something really big!


i haven't been to any of the gigs but I've watched the La Rochelle one via Internet live! and I have to say that I started crying because I really wished to be there...:thumbdown:



The new band members! They're OK! I think Saranayde is beautiful, but also I think she involves too much in the whole show, Samantha is talented, and David...hmm, what can I say bout him...he's a daddy!:naughty:


"Rain"? no words...I'm just curious to know if it'll be on the new album and how will it sound recorded properly...I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!


The clown thing??.....I think it was kinda predictable! He's such a kid!...


Anyway, the next tour??? I'll be in the first row at one of the gigs for sure!!!


And in front of the gates 1 day before:shocked:...well at least 10 hours before!...


As for the blogs and vlogs....I feel spoiled...he's too nice...HE SHOULD REALLY GET A VACATION!!!



I loved it....



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July... Well, the first time that I went to one of his shows! Fabulous, wonderful, colourful... I have enjoyed it so much! Pity my husband dragged me back to our car directly afterwards, so I didn't even get the slightest change to go to the meet-and-greet...


I also really enjoy the blogs, that's a huge plus to me! It's great to see that FINALLY there's an artist who understands how to use 'modern' technology for his own benefits. It's a great way of keeping in touch (sort of) with your fans, without actually having to deal with them directly (if you know what I mean, no offence btw).


This month has left me curious of all the 'candy' still to come!

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This is how I feel about the July tour.


I know over the last month, I've probably been over using that word somewhat. But I can't think of any other way to describe it.

From originally just going to Amsterdam, to then going to Paris too, being the go between via text and phone for Lisbon, Nimes, Nyon, Madrid and Beiruit (all being gigs I so wished I could have been at, from the reports I was getting).

It seemed one way or another, each gig was special in it's own way, for everyone, fans and Mika alike.

Upsides for me:


It was absolutely visually stunning!

The whole circus theme was completely entrancing, the video backdrops were fantastic, and the introduction of Rain, was a masterstroke, it's an incredibly beautiful song, and a nice taster for the new album.

Afterwards, even though it was 2am, chatting with Mika again was terrific, apart from getting in a random question again, which always make s a gig for me now, I did manage to sneak a quick 30 seconds chat with him before he went down the queue, which was really nice.

And seeing the band again, can't miss out on my Cherisse hug now, can I?, was fun.


This was the rock out gig for me. I was with Meg and we spent the whole time having fun with Martin. I can't remember the last time I was that pumped up! It was the most fun I had in a long time.

Afterwards, the m&g was a total surprise, although a welcome one after the rainstorm that drenched us outside. And although he wasn't supposed to talk, Mika took a little time with everyone, which was great especially as everyone pretty much behaved.


No Luke!

My perspective on this, is that I was disappointed, due to the fact that with the whole penguin thing I kind of grew a bit of a rapport with Luke, and always looked forward to our little chats. It kind of felt a little empty him not being there.

The queuing debacle.

I have said this before, and will continue saying it until people actually start listening.


Why do people think it's necessary?

All that happens is you become irritable, because of lack of sleep (and in the ridiculous case of Amsterdam, soaked to the bone, because of torrential rain ALL night), and should anyone look at you the wrong way, you bite their heads off, which spoils the happy fun atmosphere that everyone is hoping to experience.

I will say it again, starting to queue from 2/3 in the afternoon on the day of the gig is more than enough time, I cannot comprehend why anyone thinks it isn't.

This way you have had enough sleep, you are fresh and in a positive frame of mind for the show, and everybodies happy.

Overall, It was a great month, with all the blogs starting up and, once the comments function got sorted out, being able to interact with Mika and contributing ideas to him, as much as he was giving ideas to us.

Cannot wait to find out what happens next!

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July was indeed a great month. Especially to make up for the long wait (ok maybe it wasn't that long a wait for some people, but it was for me :bleh:). And although I couldn't be at any of the July gigs I did enjoy every second of staying up waiting for everyone's reports, vids and photos :wub2:


And of course the blogs.... I don't know if I expeted Mika to stand by his word, or if we would have to wait another year... ok I did believe he would write them up at some point, and I'm glad we're getting them every day!! It'll be odd when he has his holiday, but I can wait til September, I'll be on holiday as well, so I wouldn't want to miss out on much.



Time to be a bit more sappy now!

Thank you Mika for all that you've done, you sure made a whooooole load of us happy, I hope you keep doing what you're doing cos it's so damn great!!! :punk:

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I've nothing constructive to say (sorry) but I'm impressed to see that Mika's a real original that can come up with something fresh from a clowns and circus theme, and doesn't feel the need to go for stuff that's just plain weird. And his enthusiasm for his work is awe inspiring.


Otherwise it's just general thanks to Mika and agreement with the other positive comments, I'm undiscriminately loving all of it- the Paris concert, written blogs (my favourites) and videos.


As for MFC- I feel July got me more involved, though activation problems meant I couldn't meet up with people. Waiting for the concert reports to come through was a real thrill. And a lot of people seem to work awfully hard: moderating (sounds like that's been a bit hairy lately), taking watermarks off pictures, putting up concert reports, pics and videos. Amazing!

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I didn't get to see any of the gigs live, but from footage I have seen, it's great! I love the Mika Circus. Who would have thought Mika would be fast becomming the new, and much improved, PT Barnum!

I wasn't sure about the new song Rain at first, but I quickly got to love it. I love the cover, 'I Just Can't Get Enough.'

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July was totally exhausting for me.:wink2:




*pant pant*


then Mikasounds, Mikablog, Mikasoundsblog on youtube, mikamyspace blogs and bulletins


*huff puff*


Staying up till the small hours to hear how the queueing was going on livefeed, getting up in the morning to resume the google hunt so people waking up the day after the gig could look on MFC and see how great it was...


and the print on my F5 key has worn off, my poor computer has just about filled its entire memory:wub2:


But in the end it was worth it. The pleasure of MFC, Mika shows and vids, blogs and pics has sustained me through the entire month. RL has had a few challenges thrown in, so I was glad for the escape.


Thanks Mika. :wub2:


*ends fangurl gush*


Edit: Oh, and I haven't even been to one show in 2008.

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Parc des princes / Festivals

55000 people WOW! I loved the circus aspect, the clowns, the visuals etc. The details that went into that gig are just amazing. No wonder he seemed so nervous during the interviews. But he and his team pulled it off. :thumb_yello: It was impressive and i'm so happy for him. Really i am. I think that doing festivals is a great way for him to get known by people who normally wouldn't have gone to his shows. But if i had to choose the one gig to see this summer, i think Nimes would have been it. or Beirut. :wink2:


New cover & new song

The cover of "Just Can't Get Enough" is just great fun! the energy on stage during that song is great! Loved it, but i'm not sure about the rapping part.


Rain - I love it. Love it love it love it. I find myself humming it all the time. And i can't wait to hear how it sounds on his second album. We have only heard the acoustic version.


David & Samantha

David - From what i can hear over the internet, i find it hard to pass judgement. I'd have to experience it live. I liked things the way they were, but I'm willing to give him a chance. I think Luke is great, but it is what it is and we can't change that. So welcome David!


Samantha - What a great voice! And energy! Great addition to the group. She looks like she fits right in! :thumb_yello:


Blogs, pics, video blogs

For months, there was no communication at all. Then suddenly, we get 1, 2 or even 3 a day!!! I think they are great! It gives us a view on what happens behind the scene. Some of them open our eyes to new things & some are just for fun! Who cares if i don't like the Wonder Pets? haha


It was a nice way to communicate with us and i appreciated it. Now can he keep it up at this pace? I don't think so. But it was fun while it lasted! Let's face it, i DO want that second album...

He does try to please us as much as he can and let's face it, sometimes he is "damned if he does and damned if he doesn't" . So now the comments are opened on mikasound. The amount of replies he gets is incredible. But i am afraid it has become another myspace, and therefore he will miss the comments of people who simply want to leave him a message. (and not flood it with "come here", "i love you", "you are so great" ... etc.) He is human and there is no way he can handle this by himself. Our boy will need help. And by the way, i really don't care if he makes spelling mistakes.. don't we all?


So... i really enjoyed July and Thank you Mika & Co. ! :wub2:


edit: i forgot to mention... THIS IS NOT A LOVE FEST, but i really loved the way that we all communicated this month. from rose who ran her phone bill to new heights, to racha who thought of us in beirut, to cath85 who let me listen to 2 songs from Nimes, to jemmalee who wrote a fabuleux blog on her paris experience, to bluesky who spent hours and hours googling for the gang, to the people who made sure this site ran smoothly, to the french girls who came and gave us gig reports, to the madrid gang who sent us pictures before the gig, and i'm sure i'm forgetting lots and lots of people! A HUGE THANK YOU! xx

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I don't know if it's good or bad, but July 2008 has made me really addicted to Mika lol. I couldn't make any of the gigs (still a Mika virgin snif) but I followed stuff on here, and that was great!

I like the idea of the circus and I like everything!! (except "Rain", but that might come later lol).


Also, I'm really happy to be part of the Yearbook, that's so exciting!!!


Thank you Mika and MFC!!!!!!:D:D

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Sooo...July has come and gone, and what did we get? 14 awesome shows, 18 awesome video blogs, and a whole bunch of written blogs.


So I thought it might be fitting for a thread where we could look back on July, and talk about what we liked, what we didn't like, and maybe let Mika know some of the things he's done that we've appreciated. :wub2:


(For you not-so-sappy types, feel free to reflect on things that you didn't like, too - the good with the bad, and all that!)




I think you covered everything but the new wardrobe.:wink2: I'm a fan of the pants and tuxedo shirts. I love the way the tails flap so freely when he runs around the stage.


I was also a part of the "virtual tour" but from what I saw and heard, everything was really great. I'm liking a lot of these new changes.

The stage setup is really incredibly detailed, it's something I would love to see live, but it would probably be hard to set up at the smaller venues here in the US.


Love the new cover, I'm liking this new song, and it's also getting me curious about the new album.


I love Samantha's voice and feel that she adds a lot to the show.:thumb_yello:

I've heard David was a nice guy, he seems really sweet.

I can't wait to see them live so I can form a more accurate opinion of the both of them.


The blogs..

Wow. When Mika said he would be making daily blogs, I rolled my eyes while laughing, thinking he made some sort of a mistake. I was thinking we'd get two a month maybe if we were lucky. He really blew me away with the efforts he's made to commit to these blogs.

I think it's inevitable that the blogs will eventually be made less frequently, but I'm just hoping we wont have another five month "...is he still alive?" period.

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I could sum July up in 5 words:


I Just Can't Get Enough!!!!!


I loved it all, so exciting. Even from all the way over here, I felt appreciated as a fan and lucky and blessed to be a part of it all.


I really liked the carnival like musical changes to Lollipop.

I love Rain, especially the line, whatever it is baby, I want more than this.


I also really like the big confetti booms with the yellow lighting in Love Today.


Even though I can't understand the french, I appreciate and enjoy the french Grace Kelly and Aux Champs Elysse.


The blogs are wonderful and I treasure them all.


The Benacassim trousers were AMAZING!


Love all the hats too, very cute.


Finally, I actually like the spelling mistakes, because it's real and true to him and it's a part of him. I actually think the spelling and grammer is more intimate than the words he writes. I also think he is brave to take on writing blogs and receiving comments with his dyslexia.


Thank you Mika :wub2:


and thank you MFC :wub2:

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seriously, what a great month to discover mika and his brilliant music! the blogs, the vids, everything just made me more and more enamored of him! he is a genius and the things he finds interesting are absolutely amazing! i especially loved the videos cause you get to see that he's a real person and not just some "regular" celeb. love that!

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