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Mika releases new live DVD


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MIKA releases a live DVD of his biggest performance yet, when he performed his first stadium show to over 55,000 fans at Paris’s iconic Parc Des Prince stadium this summer.


A visual and musical extravaganza, the show saw MIKA bring his amazing cartoon world into Technicolor life. Featuring all his hits, along with new tracks and a few surprises, this was one of the most ambitious pop shows ever undertaken and included a host of twisted circus performers - flying clowns, tap dancing astronauts, a 100 foot Chinese Dragon, can-can dancing Big Girls and much, much more.


Live at Parc Des Prince also comes with an exclusive documentary, detailing behind the scenes action and showing us how the dazzling costumes, stunning choreography and breath-taking production all took shape. Additional bonus features include the outstanding animated video for ‘Lollipop’ and ‘Grace Kelly’ as performed on Jools Hollands Hootenanny. The DVD will come in a special deluxe embossed box with a booklet designed by MIKA himself, including lots of pictures from his personal collection.



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What? Those of us who haven't jumped on Sony's hi-def bandwagon have to wait an extra week? :bleh:


I vote Mika buys us all Blu Ray players as early Christmas gifts. :mf_rosetinted:


Good idea!!! :naughty:


Me niether!

When is it ACTUALLY released on DVD?


10th November :thumb_yello:

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