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Mika-interview with Julie St-Pierre from NRJ in Montréal - 16th August 2012


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I think he's more interested in his own birthday than Madonna's birthday. :lmfao:


He is saying that the balloon festival is surreal which reminds me after the gig he was pointing to an inflatable and said it looked like something from Jim Woodring. I think he really loved the whole atmosphere. It would be great if he comes back again one day.

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And of course,he got the big question :teehee:


And this is the first video interview where he discusses his coming out, isn't it? Too bad it's in french, but thanks for translating! :thumb_yello:


Yes but he seems pretty comfortable, matter of fact.


Someone was telling me in Montreal that they are tired of Mika being gay now. :lmfao: I have to say I agree. I'm glad he's been making some clear statements and that we could have a discussion about it on MFC, but I don't want "I'm gay" to become the new "I was born in Beirut in 1983". Time to move on. :)

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And this is the first video interview where he discusses his coming out, isn't it? Too bad it's in french, but thanks for translating! :thumb_yello:

Yes,at 3:10,and he seems fine,not upset or annoyed by the question.

Link doesn't work for me, sadly....:(

Really? I dunno why :dunno:

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I: mikas back in montreal to promote his album "Tool" which will be available September 17. The day after his show at the Baloons festival of St-Jean, i met up with him.*

Mika! How ared you?

M: not too bad! Its great to be outside. I spent the whole day inside. Its the first time i see the sun. Im a bit like a vampire so its cool.*

I: well we enjoy it together its great.*

M: yeah true!

I: yesterday you did the Balloons festival! Tell me how it was.*

M: great! The site was amazing. I was really surprised to see all thos balloons. It was surreal.*

M: youve been really well recieved as always. Its not the first time youre in Montreal. You have a great relation with fans from Quebec. And part of the album TOOL was recorded in montreal.*

M: it started here. I didnt write anything. I wasnt prepared at all. I had the oportunity to work with Nick Littlemore from Empire of the Sun. So they told me: you can come work in montreal, cause hes working on Cirque du Soleil. Or you can go to New York or London. And i said no. I want it to be in Montreal. I dunno. I liked the idea of working here. I like the spirit. The people. The feeling. The night i arrived i wrote Underwater. And the day after i wrote TOOL which is now the title of the album.*

The day before yesterday i was on a plane from London to Montreal to do the show here. And i was on my mobile sending an email to confirm the end of the art for the booklet of the CD. All of a sudden i was like wow. Its weird. A year and a half later im on this flight finishing the album completely. Its done. A year and a half ago i was on this flight wondering what i would do. It started and finished on this flight fron London to Montreal.*

I: do you think that the relation you have with montreal comes from the fact that we both speak french and english, so its a bit like you?

M: exactly. Its very rare... Well in fact it doesnt exist anywhere else. I can go on stage and people understand 100% french and english. It helps the relation because people look at my music and understand it the same way i look at it and understand the lyrics. Its cool. Its funny cause only me and my family can do that. And then people here in Quebec.*

I:how do you explain that EMD is still one of the best selling songs on itunes in Quebec today?

M:its a good mix of the french side and the english sensibility. Its really a mix. It was produced by a Swedish guy that doesnt even understand french! So the song is quite different for a french song.*

I: in a recent interview you talked about your homosexuality. Why did you choose to talk about it? And why now?

M: erm.. It wasnt really planned actually. It just happened. I dunno. This album is a bit like a diary of 12 months time. And i talk alot about me. But understanding my personnal life isnt important at all to understand my music. Its important to do something like this when youre happy and when you take your time.*

I: its madonnas birthday today. And you wrote a song for her. How does it feel when madonna chooses one of your songs to sing it?*

M:its really cool. Shes an icon. There wont be any other like that. Ever. Because things go too fast now. No one can compare to her. But now. I dont care about her birthday. Cause its MY birthday in 2 days so i dont care about hers!*

I: ahhh thats even more important! *mika laughs* happy birthday in 2 days! Mika youre welcome in montreal all the time. We love you and cant wait to hear the album!

Mika: thank you!

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The 17th of September for France and Quebec:mf_rosetinted:


I think you may be right about that. :naughty:


We actually got LICM a full month before the US did, although it was a couple of weeks after the UK release.


I think we will probably get the double CD with the French bonuses too.

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