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Long time Mika fan, new to MFC ????


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hi everyone :), ive been a mika fan for long time but then due to exams and school work i stopped listening and about 2 years ago i started listening to his music again and then stopped and started listening again last year. this may make me look like a bad fan (trust me im not a bad fan ????????????) but im sure you all understand school work and exams is a really stressfull time. i didnt really listen to any particular music just whaveter was on radio or the tv. i heard of the MFC but never really took time out to check it out but today i joined and looked at a couple of things and love what is going on, its such an amazing way to talk to other fans and get news on mika. i hope to get to know you all and meet you, you all seem like amazing people, i hope to hear from you soon :)

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hi no i didnt get to see him that day ????????????, as my birthday was two days later and i was busy with my cousins wedding which was a couple days later. hopefully soon i get to see him in london or anywhere else in the uk. ????????

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hi and no i am a university student and dont graduate until 2017, so i have exams almost every 2-3 months i have one this month, hopefuflly it goes well.


Sounds like a lot of exams, what are you studying?

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i have painted something for Mika, well its almost complete, what is the best way to give to him? To be honest I like to give gifts in person. 

this is really difficult as he doesn´t come out very often after gigs anymore. The best thing is to send it to his managment and they will pass it to Mika

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Welcome to the MFC !! :mika3:

You should send




Machine Management

Studio 16

London Fields Studios

11-17 Exmouth Place


E8 3RW




Good luck !! :thumb_yello:

thank you so much, i had found this before but i wasnt sure if it was correct. thank you. once its finished and sent or given to Mika in person i will try and post a picture on here so you can all see. hope he likes it ???????????? Edited by YazzieK
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