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2016 - Le Printemps de Bourges - FRANCE 12 April: REPORTS/PICS/VIDS


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Thanks everyone I met, was so lovely to see you all and looking forward to Melissa's detailed report (I was next to her during the gig)! 


Oh, well, no pressure then  :lmfao:


So sorry for your phone  :unsure: *hug*


Getty images










Thanks for the pics. I so, so love this one. I wasn't expecting it at all and when it happened I think I looked like a 5yo entering Disneyland for the first time, it was fantastic  :excite:

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I think many people traveled today so they will be back with reports as soon as back home and rested. 


I put a few photos here:




Thanks Nina :thumb_yello:


Do we know if Deborah (Frenchfan84) managed to get a ticket in the end?

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I'm writting it just a few minutes pleaaaase XD

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Hahaha i'm doing my best it is very long XD

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Hi everyone !!!!

As I finally found someone to get THREE tickets [(!!!!) --> my mum, my sister and I] I'll do my repport !

OK I'll try to do a repport as complete as I can but I'm not verry good at this type of things XD


Ok let's start with the first part: before Mika (I was so happy to be there !!!!)


First of all Marina kaye. For those who don't know her, she is the winner (i think so but I'm not sure) of france got a talent. She is now 18 and she won it at 16. Her voice is very powerfull and very (maybe to much for me) demonstrating.  Her most popular single is called homeless. Let's get back to the gig. She sang a few songs (don't remember how many sorry) during almost 45 min. it was good, the stage was nice (and her guitarist too XD). the crowd was a bit low and she didn't know how to get us warmer I think.


Then an amazing group: L.E.J. They are completly amazing. For those who don't know them (you should really know them first !!!) they did many videos on youtube together, they are friends for many time and they make medley of many different songs (AND THEY ARE FRENCH !!!!) and I really like them. They became famous thanks to a single called Summer 2015 which is a mix of many different song from summer 2015 lol. Let's get back to the gig again XD. They sang amazingly well and did a new song espacially for the the Printemps de Bourges. The crowd was really amazing when they started to sing. They really know how to handle the stage and the public ! That was a good part... BUT !!!!


Mika were comming !!!

we've waited 20 min between LEJ part and Mika (I couldn't stay quiet and my sister was already comitting suicide XD) I was in sth like the fifth row and on the right but everyone saw everything thanks to the screens on the wall. Finally, He came. With a lot of impatience everybody aplaused him and he didn't even started XD (Of course I was making part of this XD) 

Ok I know that he started with Porcelain but I don't remember the order of the songs



Big girl


Grace Kelly

Relax, take it easy


The origin of love

Boum boum boum

Elle me dit

Tant que j'ai le soleil

Talk about you 

Good guys

Love today


And I really hope I didn't forgot any song ! I was so happy that at last I don't remember many things !

in my list order:


Porcelain was amazing, really deep and the crowd was very respectful in front of this beautiful song.


Big girl, with his little pray at its beggining was very good and everyone was dancing !


Grace Kelly, nothing else than AMAZING. I beleive that he threw some confeti at this moment from his piano. Once again I'm not sure it was at this moment it is really anoying not to know when you know you were there !


Relax.  haaaa relax... THe only thing I remember from relaw is that when the first notes of the introduction came I shout very high and loud and nobody understood why and looked at me like "hey girl ! yes you ! What the f*** are you doing ??? Ar eyou becoming crazy ?!?!" XD The only thing I wanted to tell them= " I'm not crazy at all I just came here for the best singer in the world it's not my fault if you're not that crazy !" Bim IN UR FACE !!!!! sorry. 


Ok Underwater. Very beautiful time. everyone was staring at him and it was very nice to see. Of course there were a phone's lights time and everyone was in harmony and it just looked very peacefull. 


The origin Of love was really, like really good ! (not only because it's one of my favorite songXD) mika jumped everywhere on the stage and everyone were following this hypnotic bob (lol) !!!! ooops! he fell in this unbeleivable set !!! Of course he stood up as professionally as no one could ever do and I really hope that Bob was Ok 'cause I'd die if we couldn't see it anymore XD


Ok I have to stop it. Hahahaha loooooool. impossible. BBB is impossible without Bob !!!!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL !!!

Ok we had a BBB demonstration with his beautiful, hypnotic and very good looking butt and everyone liked it ! (Of course I did too XD)


Elle me dit was really good and the crowd was singging (maybe 'cause it's the most popular Mika's song in France) with Mika and his fellow fans 


Tant que j'ai le soleil the last song which were released and popular in France it was good too XD


Talk about you really good too I think that this one is popular in France 'cause many people sang it but not as much as Elle me dit.


Good guys. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm good guys. It was so pure and nice and deep and amazing !!!


Love Today. I'm sure it was the last song. And it was, once again, completly amazing ! at the end of the song, Mika was wearing a flower headband and Max was wearing a Pikachu costume !!! They were sooooooo cute !!!!


At the end of a song (still don't remeber which one) Mika's fans threw paper planes and most of the french fans were wearing some flowers or headband and stuff like this. 


During the gig I took sth like 170 good pics in the 450 I really took (I hope you'll be able to see it):




At the end of the gig, my mum, my sister and I have waited for him at the entrance and after 2 hours he finally came out, he talk a bit and signed some autographs (including mine ! YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!)




I'll conclude by saying that it was definetly very very good and that I won't be able to thank Mika and his team enough for what they did yesterday night. 


I'm done ! sorry for this long post but I had to say a few things XD


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So pleased that you managed to get tickets, Deborah (and an autograph). :hug:


And thanks for the report - you sound like you had a fantastic time :yay:

OMG beleive me I did ! :hug:  :naughty:  :teehee:  :das:  :yes:  :wub:

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Omg i just realise That i did forgot a song. Good wife was actually really nice and everyone was really in a good mood and That was awsome

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MIKA au Printemps de Bourges 2016 conférence de presse


Mika Printemps de Bourges conférence de presse


Juste avant de lancer le feu des questions réponses, Elodie Mermoz, programmatrice sur le Printemps de Bourges se déclare ravie d'ouvrir cette 40ème édition avec Mika, artiste reconnu à une époque où la chanson populaire n'est pas toujours considérée à sa juste valeur.


Ses origines, sa musique

"J'habite à Londres, après cela j'irai en Italie et quelque part ailleurs. Je suis fier d'être un émigrant qui se sent bienvenu dans beaucoup de pays. Les expériences vécues un peu partout avec ma famille forment mon identité et surtout ma musique. Je fais cette sorte de musique car elle comporte tout un univers. Les histoires que je raconte forment un monde esthétique dans lequel je peux exister".


Le Liban

"J'ai grandi à Paris avec la mythologie libanaise en suspension. L'idée du Liban plus que l'endroit demeurent toujours en moi. J'étais au Mexique il y a deux semaines, il y avait des Libanais partout, à Montréal aussi".


Sa nouvelle émission pour la BBC

"Elle ne constitue que le début de ce que je ferai.. Les song writters sont très importants, un jour, j'aimerais bien pouvoir m'identifier à un song writter, c'est mon côté snob!"


Sa main de Fatima et sa superbe veste

"J'ai grandi avec la main de Fatima, c'est le grigri de mon enfance, un porte bonheur. Aujourd'hui ma veste ne m'appartient pas, je dois la rendre, c'est inscrit sur une étiquette dans le dos, je l'ai juste empruntée".


Casting télé ou enfant de cœur

"Mon premier casting à la télé, ils m'ont foutu dehors. J'ai  été enfant de cœur et peut vous chanter toutes les messes en latin (il chante "Pater noster"). Aujourd'hui je peux vous dire qu'il n'y a pas un chemin meilleur qu'un autre, l'important est d'être fier de sa musique, pas de sa personne".


Faire du cinéma

"J'aime bien penser que je suis quelqu'un qui contrôle bien ses mains, ses bras, sa tête, mais quand je me vois à la télé je vois que je ne sais pas contrôler. Alors, le cinéma, qui met la loupe sur les détails... Je ne suis pas comédien mais si je faisais du cinéma, ce ne serait pas commercial, juste un coup de cœur, sans pression".


La musique classique et L'orchestre symphonique de Montréal

"Durant un an je ne suis pas allé à l'école car j'avais été viré. Ma mère a alors décidé que je devais acquérir une autre discipline : la musique. Mon premier job a été à l'opéra Royal de Londres. C'était super impressionnant d'entendre 110/120 personnes jouer ensemble. La musique devenait une texture qu'on pouvait toucher.

La musique symphonique est restée dans mon cœur. Ca me rend triste d'aller dans des concerts sans y voir beaucoup de jeunes. Comprendre combien la musique vivre sans amplification conditionne l'oreille.

L'orchestre symphonique de Montréal avec Nagano, est dans le top 5 des meilleurs au monde. Il pour tradition d'ouvrir ses portes à la musique pop. J'y ai mis ma musique dans une Rolls Royce sans aucune amplification. Cela nous a pris un an, malheureusement filmer là-bas était trop cher".


Le Printemps de Bourges

"Cette date est probablement la plus importante de mon été. Jouer à Bourges est très important pour tous les artistes, c'est un immense honneur pour tout le monde. J'ai vraiment beaucoup réfléchi à ce que je pouvais faire. Je vais parler au public, faire un show épuré, ouvert et simple".

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I came back home 0.30 am last night. Now I´ll take the time to right a little report. As I loved the Mika´s concert in Bourges 2013 so much I knew I had to do Bourges again when it got announced and so I bought tickets the first day you could buy them. Even if I have to travel 12 hours to get there I was so looking forward to it. This time everything around the concert was different, last time Mika played on one of the last days of the festival and the whole town was one big festival with little stages everywhere and busy busy busy. This time Mika was playing the first day and it seemed Bourges wasn´t ready when we arrived, it seemed to be a nice sleepy town...... We ( Graciosa and me, Daeni arrived earlier ) arrived on Monday evening after our last Train from St Pierre to Bourges got cancelled and we had to take two other train. After Meeting friends of my father we went to our Hotel and then we met some French and Italian fans for dinner and spent a very very nice time together. On our way beack to the hotel we passed the venue and saw the first two people already queueing in the rain. We went back to the Hotel and enjoyed our warm comfortable beds.

Gig day : it was rainy and windy morning, sun came out around 10.00/ 11.00 am and when it was dry enough we build cólourful paper planes which should be thrown after the first song. Time went by very fast and we had nice Chats. Around 2.00 pm security started to build new gates inside and some People who came later than others thought it was time to build a standing queue in front of the fence. So we also had to move our butts nearer to the fence. Security started to let us in around 4.30 pm but all in all there were 3 gates to stop. At the last one they let people wait until 6.30 p. until all soundchecks were finished and cameramen were ready to film the running fans....... And the they let us in. Frontrow was already half full with people who weren´t outside waiting. I got a nice place 4th row a bit left and could see very well. No one pushed and we stood quite good.

The first singer, a young girl who I really was curious to see dissapointed me a bit. Not because of her voice or her Songs but her basses were so bad and loud that you couldn´t hear her sing properly and the whole body felt the basses. I saw so many people covering their ears because it was painful and I think she must have seen it too. The second group,a girls trio with a contrabass was very good and I liked them a lot. After them Mika´s stage set got built. There was the big heaven sign and the big door. Mika started around 9.30 pm with Porcelaine and after that we all threw the paperplanes but I think it was to dark to make much effect. Then he sang GK. The audience was on fire, Mika was on fire, the whole venue was......... It sounded like a big choir of 6000 People and every second was so worth all the travelling. I think Mika played around 100 minutes. Ed missed his turn during BBB two times which I found funny...... Mika slipped an fell on his butt once which I didn´t find funny.......He was in a very good mood and talked a lot. All in all it was such a fantastic gig and all the travelling was so worth it.

Afterwards we went to the backstage door and waited in the rain for a while together with around 40 or 50 People and when Mika´s car came out he stopped and came out to great and give some autographs. People were around him but there was no pushing which I found was o.k.. I didn´t see people touching him, it was really respectful.

At 2.00 am we were back at the hotel.

I want to thank our French friends ( too many to tell all your names but I think you know who I mean ), I love you!  To the groupe of Italian fans, it was nice to see you. Nina I´m so sorry for you mobile phone, lot´s of hugs.

I only filmed a snippet of GW and GG and a big part of LP and will put the links here when they are uploaded.







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You're right it was very good and very respectful but when he came out after the gig, some people touched him with a lot of respect but touched him. When he came out of his car i accidentally touched his butt but i wasen't expectibg for it... Then hi was going back into his car and i was next to him and i took his fist very carefully so that i could ask him to sign my picture... He finally signes it with a beautiful heart and whole he was drawing XD i had my hand on his fist and a bit of his warm hand... Omg i enjoy so much ... i was crying when he went away in his car... Honorine would be able to confirm it...

It was so good and i was so lucky ! Really enjoy it ;-)

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You're right it was very good and very respectful but when he came out after the gig, some people touched him with a lot of respect but touched him. When he came out of his car i accidentally touched his butt but i wasen't expectibg for it... Then hi was going back into his car and i was next to him and i took his fist very carefully so that i could ask him to sign my picture... He finally signes it with a beautiful heart and whole he was drawing XD i had my hand on his fist and a bit of his warm hand... Omg i enjoy so much ... i was crying when he went away in his car... Honorine would be able to confirm it...

It was so good and i was so lucky ! Really enjoy it ;-)


:) Now MIKA really has got important dates on your calender! :wink2: Best - luckiest - happiest - day of your life  :thumb_yello:  I suppose you'll find a place for more of these remarkable events... :teehee:  :wub:


Love, love


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Hahaha i hope so XD there Will always good adjectives for a good day like those ones XD

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