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2016 - Le Printemps de Bourges - FRANCE 12 April: REPORTS/PICS/VIDS


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Before I start, a big hug to all those with whom I was lucky enough to share those moments, it's always so good   :huglove:  (appart from the drunk driver in the middle of the night. This wasn't good   :shocked: )



I am sorry, I said I'll learn to keep it short. I just didn't say when  :doh:  . Same as usual: sorry for the mistakes, probably even more than usual as I am happily floating on the fever cloud.




(pour les francophones, la même chose en français ici)





Oh, it feels so good. I'm having some difficult times in life and was lucky enough to cross road with the best antidepressant ever. I'm not sure doctors would agree to prescribe him, considering the state of my throat/head/back/feet, but the mood is brilliant.


And how happy he was to be there, really, he was jubilating. And he was in big form, a bomb of energy.


And to complete the packet the audience was fantastic, very reactive and super dynamic. He sends a wave of energy, we throw back twice as much, he adds to it even more. All hail the virtuous circle of happy madness.



So, Bourges. On a weather point of view, Bourges knows how to be original: it is raining and it's so cold and then all of a sudden comes a bright sun and you're so hot. And just as you begin to make yourself comfortable and turn into a reptile, bam, rain and cold come back. After a while the weather itself doesn't remember what it's supposed to do and throws rain and sun at the same time, so one can have fun taking pics of rainbows while you're trying to survive Fear Factor season 5: the opening of the Gates of Death.


You survive, and you think the worst is behind you.


But then comes Marina Kaye, the first act of the day.


Truth is it wasn't really her fault but that of the sound-men who succeeded if they were intending to sabotage her. So they over saturated the basses. And I don't think you could imagine what it means for the first three rows if you haven't lived it (and so I wish you to never understand me on this). People were crying of pain, including a little girl behind me.

It's not just that it was "too loud" :the vibrations were so strong that they actually made wind when they were blown off the speakers. For real. Imagine how violent it must be to do that.

It was paralyzing your whole body, and all you could do was to curl up and to fight not to throw up, as vibrations made your stomach go up in your throat.

A thought for the security team who was already very nice outside and who tried their best to bring us as much ear plugs as they could, at least we could protect the kids and the most sensitives.


So, it started well.


Thank God the second act, LEJ, had a good sound. They're very popular in France but to be honest I wasn't that big of a fan. But I have to admit that on stage they really are good, full of energy, funny and very touching. And also very hot!




A team of busy bees running all over the stage. A curtain falling to reveal a giant stained-glass door. A heaven sign going up from the floor. The lights going off. The crowd screaming. A silhouette sneaking to the piano. A series of notes flying in the air. A voice raising.




How happy I am to have it live. How beautiful he is when exist only him, his voice and his piano on such a beautiful song.


Him in  a suit, which should make me moan (because suits on stage, what an idea) , except it's a tailcoat so of course it's so cool.


He starts playing his next song while... Opening the piano?! But what for?? Because all of a sudden a million confettis are springing from the inside of it! Reminder: when confettis arrive, I am 4. I love having them at the end, but at the beginning it's actually quite awesome too. Mostly the surprise was awesome. He was there for 5 minutes and already I was ecstatic.


Confettis are still flying when come out hundreds of paper planes (which had made a great activity during the afternoon, it took quite a few hands to build this squadron xd). Planes are everywhere, and it works well, and already he's having fun with them. He will keep playing with them from time to time during the gig.


To resume, the show has started 5 minutes ago and the stage is already full of planes and Confettis. What a lovely mess.


So it's under a rain of unidentified flying objects that he starts Grace Kelly, of which he'll dust the French lyrics. I am not a fan of the French version but the idea is still good for festivals, where part of the audience is here for the Printemps de Bourges and get the opportunity to discover him on stage -  they just see it like a sweet nod for them.


My brain isn't big enough to give you the setlist in order but without surprise it's the heaven tour's one.


Big Girl and its prayer come for a visit, and he’s gonna put himself in every position to make us sing , before ending up lying on the floor. “I’ll stand only when you’ll sing loud enough to wake me up!”


Good Wife comes too, and Talk about you, and Good Guys, and Boum Boum Boum… Boum boum boum on which he reminds us that in here we can do whatever we want without the fear of being ridiculous. We’re at home and nobody will judge us. I am always touched by those words because this is indeed the only place where I feel a 100% free to be myself and too let it all out without fearing for a second to be mocked.


Lollipop in its “train” version “I wrote it on a train, but that was before doing the add for SNCF!” Without any reason he’ll start fixing confettis on his forehead and will keep them for the whole song, like it’s the most normal thing to wear.

I really like those shared moments  with the band, when they're all at the piano; they were very cute having fun all together.


I don’t even remember on which song he did his stunt but the scene was golden - not really for the fall but for his reaction : as he was gesticulating like a worm, he slept on a paper plane and ended up on his butt (no worries, no hurt done). Immediately he laid down as if it was completely intentional. He turns his head, sees us laughing, and he was upset like a kid, that was so funny (sorry Mika, but it was funny :teehee: ). As a revenge he took the incriminated plane and completely destroyed it, while still glaring at us :sneaky2: (but not too seriously, he was also laughing. But he was upset with his fall for real Xd)


Also comes Elle me dit and he turns out to be unable to get more than 2 lines right in a row, ends up completely lost and sign us to go and kill him now to end up the drama :aah: .

He told us at the beginning of the song that his mummy (mummy. Yes I am 32 but mummy!” thought it wasn’t normal that it was Fanny Ardant playing her role in the videoclip because “she’s too thin!” He also adds that tonight he can talk bullsh*t because mum is not here… but not too much because she’s gonna check on youtube later :D .


Come my tears as always on Happy Ending, I gave up hope to be able to deal with this song. I don’t know what happens when I hear the first notes, it’s like my body takes charge of everything without asking for my opinion. The end that he’s giving us, as it’s becoming usual, a capela. It’s gonna take some time for him to be able to make people silent but if it is usually annoying this time seeing him laughing while trying shut up the troop was quite funny. “Well I tried to sing without the mic but I think only 40 people could hear me” he says humbly with a laugh. I think you’re wrong, big boy.


Last Party. The song that can be taken in so many ways that it always feels like it’s a new one. The only constant is its way of being overwhelming. For me this night it was the outlet for all the tragedies we’ve been living in France and all over the world for the past months. If it’s the end of the world let’s party… in tears and with the heart in the throat, but without ever stopping to dance. Let’s party...


Love Today is already here, that moment that I love and dread because it’s the end. But he’ll make it last for a long time. How we’ll dance, how he’ll jump, how I’ll never understand how the body of this man works for him to be able to take those crazy poses. He’ll steal my neighbor's flower glasses and Ani’s flower crown because “we have to get the flowers out, it’s spring!”. He saw all those people wearing flowers everywhere (we were quite a lot, it looked really nice :) ) and decided to join the spring spirit gang. The combination crown/glasses was… interesting :aah: . As he’s on it he finds a Pikachu costume for Max, who jumps in it and comes running behind the flower guy, what a delicious picture they make :lmfao:


Pikachu, the Giant Guy and all their friends come to salute.. And then leave. As always I feel like it’s been going on for 20 minutes only, whatever my watch is saying.



Of course once outside it’s raining, but not for long, just enough time for everyone to definitely look like nothing, and Mika to notice “Oh, it’s been raining during the wait! But no, stop it, it’s spring!” he’ll say before starting to chat with everyone he can get his hands of. Lovely guy. It was funny because quite a few people who were hanging there were not really waiting for the artist exit, it was just festival-goers who were used to this festival where nobody ever leave the security of the stained glass. So they were quite chocked to see Mika wandering in the middle of it all of a sudden :D 


40 minutes of walk later, I finally meet my mattress (after having visited the biggest hotel room in the world :lol: ). The body screams, the throat has given up (I am still completely voiceless today) but I feel fantastic in my head. I am happy, and serene. I had kind of forgotten those feelings exist. The gig was fantastic, and in my case it was also salutary. So finally, despite the side effect, maybe it should be prescribed by doctors.

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Melyssa your report is very very good and soooooo true !!!

Thank you for this touching testimony XD

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Sorry for my bad English



When I went in the morning at 05:30 at home los I was so tired. No 3 hours sleep I had so excited. It is always indescribable when a concert is around the corner. This time for 26 times in almost 9 years. This time, the path leads to Bourges and Printemps Festival where Mika on 12/04. should occur. Should! The last time in the fall in Grenoble was the concert canceled because Mika was sick. It is the first time for a long time that I alone the path Start. Around 6 hours drive ahead of me. From this it was at the end of 9 h. As to Geneva was hardly free to hear a radio noise, I h Mika enjoyed already 7:00 s music. It was then 14:00 when I arrived in Bourges. Oh that is just enough for a shower and some legs stretched before then Renate and Sabine arrive at 17:15. Hmmm since the news came that the train from Paris was canceled you arrive at 18:30 in Bourges. When it was done, I was very glad the two to see again. So beautiful. In the evening we were with other fans to dinner. It was a beautiful and memorable evening. Then h as against 02:00 we were sleeping. At 6:00 the alarm went off, take a shower, have breakfast, ready to make so that we could then start at 7:30 pm in front of the shutter closed with quinning. No, first we were not. Rather, the 20 approximately. Although doorway is only at 18:00. How nice it was raining. Ok, not all day. This was certainly due to Sabine's prayers ☺️. Time went by relatively quickly with all the talks, stories, Encounters was great. Even if it was then just before intake enough and I will then impatient, especially when we got the last time must spend squeezed in front of goal as sardines. Then finally inlet. I race behind Sabine and Renate, see that they have a good place for themselves, entschliess me to go to the fence side, albeit with poorer vision, but to be able to lean my arm. What is a huge relief. Arriving at the fence, then Nicole helped me super toll. So sweet and so helpful. Thank you from the heart! Yes, now it takes more time around 3-4 h comes to Mika on stage. The first band that occurs just was not to listen. The second group, L.E.J. Goods class. Although have played cover versions but super. Mood came on and heated the tent well on. Then it finally happened. The lights came on and there stand Mika on stage. For 2 hours all the grief and all the worries are forgotten. There is this wonderful music, the great show and fantastic singers, all that matters. Everything makes everything else forgotten me. Since I can not so often clapping, with my broken arm, I wrote on my rail Applause with reflective foil. When Mika came on our left side, I saw the Mika has read and had brief eye contact. Indescribable this moment. The mood in the tent was Fantastic. People were great with. Mika was very cheerful and often spoke. At the end of the pass, just before going out, he looked then again it to us around the corner to the cameraman around and nodded to us smiling and waving. We were happy about the great concert. After the show, how could it be otherwise, it was raining again. We went out and waited 2 hours hoping to get lucky would continue to Mika. As the car came, the driver opened the door. Mika gets out. I wanted to go all the way back straight. Mika came quite straight up to me. Gave me his hand in greeting and said to me, "Hello how are you? Are you did with the poor? I said yes. Mika" looks good. "Then he turned to other fans and was very patient, friendly and answered a few questions and signed autographs. I was completely shocked, I did not get much with. I then went to the back to make room for others. Mika then got back into s car and then he was gone. completely happy we are three then . in concert and meeting reminders reveling back to the hotel, it was 2: 00h We could not sleep For Excited Too Tired Everything hurt.....


It was a wonderful time, I want to be all heartily thank for the composite. For the talks. Thank you that I can be part of it.

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Aww thanks so much everyone for your reports, videos, pics and links that you took time to share Mika love here :group_hug::flowers2: I have overused my "likes" :teehee: I'll come back tomorrow to add them :naughty:

Your shares are wonderful :swoon: and I love you all fantastic MFCers :wub2:

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Désolée de ne pas écrire en anglais, mais je tenais à dire que j'étais ravie

de vous revoir toutes et de faire connaissance de personnes très sympas

autour de moi lors du concert, dont toi Daeni 176.gif

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Some pics, but they are quite ugly as I didn' take my camera so it's all with the old phone (truth is we were quite a few who left our cameras in the car, because it was our first gig since the country is in an official state of emergency with very strict search rules for gatherings. And it was written in huge that cameras weren't allowed and that we would be searched 2 times. Turned out we probably could have bring in half a BestBuy in our pockets :doh: )
So sorry, it's blurred and small but if you look at it on a small screen like your phone it's not bad  :aah:

Part 1/2

Plaaanes!! (well, just a part of them xD)
Obviously we can't see it on the pic but he's having fun putting confettis on himself

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Part 2/2
The problem when he's using speakers as a stage: he becomes to big for my ridiculous phone lens  :aah:
Thse are the 3 ones I really wished I had my camera :/



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I wrote a gig/event report about Bourges and it's here:




It was too long so tried to edit this morning and managed to make it a bit shorter and hopefully more easy to read. 


:) Thanks a lot Nina, for your report - and thereby allowing us to take part in the Bourges event, by great pics and words! :hug:   I'm sorry that you lost your phone, surely full of good stuff - but happy for what you've shared... :wub:


Love, love


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  • 9 months later...



Retour sur quelques moments forts du Printemps de Bourges 2016, des moments pas comme les autres puisque le festival fête ses 40 printemps ! Nous avons fait quelques rencontres sympathiques mais une en particulier, tout en couleur et en paillettes. On vous laisse découvrir la star qui se cache dans ce reportage


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  • silver changed the title to 2016 - Le Printemps de Bourges - FRANCE 12 April: REPORTS/PICS/VIDS

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