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Brian May just emailed me

Sunny Monkey

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For those of you that may be interested, Brian has put a link to us here on the fanclub from his site. Nope, I didn't ask for him to place that there. Just confirms how great he is I guess :)


If you go to http://www.brianmay.com/whatsnew.html and scroll down you will see "Mika" on the right hand side. Next to it is [FC] for "Fan Club" which links here :) Woo Woo

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OMG! brian?!


wow! wow! wow!


Queen are my fave band since i was like 9! i looooove them soooooooo much its even hard to explain!!!


their songs and music are just heaven.


i love brian :) and roger and john and ofcourse allways will love freddie :):wub2:


if brian wrote to me i would b in the clouds :) ok i know what i want for my birthday! ;) hint hint ahem ahem ;)

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