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Whats your fav. song on the album??

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My choices are almost the same as Big Girl's



Grace kelly (my current favourite song ever)


Over my Shoulder


Least favourite:

My interpretation


It's unusual to get an album with so many brilliant songs on. All of them are good enough to be a single, but if I'd been able choose the next one I'd have chosen Lollipop rather than Love Today.

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Happy Ending......and it's best played REALLY loud!

I also love My Interpretation, although I like the acoustic version more.


My least fav is Over my shoulder, and I tend to skip it to be honest:blush-anim-cl: I think I would have to be in the right mood to appreciate it.


lv, andi xxx

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OOH now your asking, that is so tricky because after listening to it for the millionth time I REALLY love every one of them.

I guess if you pushed me to the wall about it I would have to say 1. Grace Kelly, because I can't get it out of my system, 2. Love Today, because it makes me bounce around like an absolute nutter in my van, and scares other motorists:roftl:

3. Big Girls (You Are Beautiful), because I'm a bit of a chubster and it's nice to hear a song dedicated to us larger ladies.

4. Happy Ending, so soulful and heartrending.

5. Billy Brown, such a happy song.

6. My Interpretation, best song about a break up I have EVER heard.

7. Lollipop, another really bouncy singalong song. Now this is not to diminish the other songs on the album by any means, Over My Shoulder is beautifully haunting (reminds me of Anthony and the Johnsons, whom I like very much), In Any Other World, an amazing story of a brave woman, Relax, a great dance track and Ring Ring, another brilliant pop song.

So this is why I have trouble picking just one.:doh:

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Ring ring

My interpreation

Any other world

Happy Ending


But my overall favourite is probably Relax, as both the album and acoustic versions are brilliant and yet feel very different. Love it!


Least fav: Billy Brown. Bit dull really.

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