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From Mika to you, the fans...


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just recieved this from Mika.:punk:


I just wanted to send out a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me on here over the past few months. I know exactly where the bulk of support I’ve been getting has come from.


I have just received a text message telling me that the album has made number one in the UK. I am sitting here in my hotel room in San Francisco, its 3:00 am, I’m totally jet-lagged and everyone is sound asleep. Funny how things pan out. So I sit quietly elated, gorging on the junk food in the mini bar.


Thank you, to all of you.


Mika xx



awwwwwwww bless him :mf_lustslow:

and yay number one :roftl:

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Hello to all!


I live in San Francisco - and just received the bulletin from Mika as well. Does anyone know if he is performing anywhere here??? I can't seem to get the Secret Society link to work.


Any info would be appreciated. And of course, he could be here on a much-deserved vacation, in which case I'll be leaving him strictly alone. :)






Following up: Just received a message on MySpace from Luke Juby. Mika is apparently doing a PR tour here in the states - NOT any actual concerts. If anyone knows anything else, please post! Thanks.

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Eek, my sister just told me the news ... :D


Glad he's enjoying it - junk food is the best way to celebrate! (That and maybe a trip up to the Great White North, hehe!)


And now that I'm here, may I ask how everyone gets these updates? I'm not on myspace, takes up too much of time, haha.

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PR = public relations. He's probably trying to get interviews with him done by journalists in the US.


I am in the San Francisco Bay Area too, so am feeling kind of sad that Mika could be so close yet so far!!


But, yes, congrats to him on the album being #1!

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did u guys hear about the festival at the south of CALI????

MIKA will preform on the third day...


anyone going?


hope it wasnt canceled or something... im thinking if i should buy a ticket cause its 250$ :blink:

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jeg savner ham allerede. (:

Mange i min by, fatter nok hat af det musik, jeg er faktisk den eneste der kan lide det...


er der egentlig nogle der kan mit sprog? det kunne være lækkert?


Yay en dansker :D Det skræmmer mig så bare lidt at folk ligefrem fatter HAT af det, har aldrig hørt andre bruge det udtryk før :shocked:


Eh sorry, back to English...and back on topic..what was the topic? :boxed:

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It's great to finally hear from him. It's absolutely fantastic that he has taken both charts by storm, as he was up against stiff competition in both. I hope he finally got some sleep, jet lag can be nasty.

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