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Check out my finished drawing of Mika!


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:bleh: No it's not dark, my scanner's broken so I had to take a picture of it with my camera and then download it - that's why it looks dark and rubbish! lol




That's what i thought !!! Anyway, very beautiful ! Again !

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I really love that, and it looks like him for sure:thumb_yello:


hey ferny do you think Mika has a look of the late John Curry? He was not atall sexy or anything but just a similarity especially on the radio 2 session in his dressing room. I think it is the dark looks , tall skinnyness and campness. I admire them both for totally diff reasons and in totally different ways, he heee, just wondered if anyone else thought so..

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I think it quite looks like him - What do you think? Luv Fern x :wink2:


coooooooooool o LOVE!!!!!!!!! it :)


when u gonna send it to me for the book? hehehe MIKA will LOVE it!

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