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Mika Facts.


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He was born to a Lebanese mother and American father.

He has four siblings; three sisters and a brother.

He speaks perfect french; he lived in Paris from the age of one till nine.

Was taught music by a Russian music teacher.

Was an opera singer.

Dropped out of the London School of Economics the first day of class and enrolled in Royal College of Music (which he dropped out of last year to record Life in Cartoon Motion).

Wrote 'Grace Kelly' when he was furious.

Wrote 'Love Today' when he was really happy.

Turns 24 this August 18.


Umm....what else? There are so many things in my head I can't get write them down, lol

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His exact height is 6"4

He has a lazy eye

Is a fan of Winnie the Pooh

His fave song is Lollipop

The railings to his door are painted pink

Owns a tamagotchi (hahaha)


lmao thats all i can think of...


oh and he likes the simpsons. hehe.

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